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Personal Organizer Software: VIP Organizer is the powerful Personal Organizer Software

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VIP Organizer is personal organizer software for effective single-user task management. It uses To Do List technique for optimization of efforts and time you spend on carrying out of your everyday tasks. The program not only helps you focus on priority activities, keep track of right tasks and become the manager of your worktime. This shareware offers you a unique opportunity of performing more things in less time

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VIP personal organizer software is recommended to:

VIP Organizer is single-user job mastering and event organizer sharewareto help users better organize their routine activities and complete more work while spending less time. If you are tired of a mess which ruins your plans it is high time to try personal organizer software. VIP personal organizer software is a popular choice among professional involved in various fields such as sales, advertizing, real estate, call center, It and software development, and much more fields.

Use VIP personal organizer software for:

VIP Organizer is the software fo choice among people who need a simple yet featured solution for daily task management. You can use the shareware (available for free during 1 month)to organize both your personal time and work activities. This solution is developed to help users realize their plans and become more efficient at both work and home. It is for as it allows:

  • organizing, prioritizing, setting deadlines and tracking completion of tasks
  • planning your personal and professional life for days, months, years ahead
  • managing appointments, meetings, events, projects, workflow, etc.
VIP personal organizer software benefits:

VIP Organizer is personal organizer software which increases your personal and professional productivity. It changes the way you organize your day for better. Our personal organizer software:

  • brings order into your life and confidence in the future
  • lets you complete tasks on time and helps you achieve goals faster
  • improves your organizer abilities and saves your time and money
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Why does VIP Organizer stand out against other personal organizer software?
Key Features of VIP personal organizer software:

VIP Organizer is full-featured personal organizer software for time and task management. It's an organizer, planner, notepad and reminder combined in one powerful application. Our personal organizer software features:

  • Export of task list view to MS Excel, HTML, XML, Text and CSV formats
  • Multiple database management
  • Tree-structured category system
  • Intuitive interface
  • Flexible grouping of tasks
  • Extended printing capabilities
  • Advanced reminder (Message, Sound and E-mail)
  • Visual tracking of tasks status
  • Recurrence tasks setting
  • Sorting and filtration of tasks

If you are looking for personal organizer software with best quality-price relation, you have already found it.

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  Operating Systems:
Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows XP
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VIP Organizer Software


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