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"VIP Organiser is among my arsenal of "must have" software. The first application I start in the morning and the last one I turn off at night."

John Moylan -
London, UK

"An excellent support really adds to the value of great program!"

Günther Schäfer -
Frankfurt am Main, DE

"...I have now been using VIP Organizer for one week and it has changed the way I manage, prioritise and complete business tasks. It's simple to use friendly interface has dramatically improved my productivity and enabled me to focus on the most important business tasks. I have been trying to find an application for some time that would help me organize my day. I can highly recommend VIP Organizer to anyone seeking to take control of their business day and make a big difference in the way the manage their work..."

Chris Moxey -
Croydon Hills, Australia

Business organizer: VIP Task Manager is the powerful business organizer

business organizer. Main view of business organizer.
Business organizer. Main View

Business organizer manages your business time and tasks. VIP Task Manager is business organizer for breaking your business workflow into simple tasks and carrying them out as fast and productive as you can. It is the best business that uses to do list solution to better organize your business.

Buy business organizer - The VIP Task Manager   30-day Trial version of VIP Task Manager business organizer is available
Business organizer VIP Task Manager is recommended to:

VIP Task Manager is business organizer for business leaders and their business resources. This business organizer is for you if you believe that your business success depends on your ability to organize yourself and your business resources. It is especially recommended to:

  • Business consultants
  • Product managers
  • IT managers
  • Directors
  • Sales managers
  • Administrators
How to use business organizer:

VIP Task Manager is business organizer for optimization of efforts and time you spend on starting a business, managing business resources, prioritizing business opportunities, etc. It gathers your tasks into a manageable list, so you could make your business plans a reality faster.

  • List business tasks you do every day or plan to do to increase your income (use CTRL + ALT +A to quickly add tasks and items to the list)
  • Prioritize your business tasks to highlight most beneficial ones (use SHIFT + CTRL + UP or SHIFT + CTRL + DOWN to increase or decrease priority)
  • Set due date for each business task to avoid procrastination (use Due Date in Edit Task dialog to specify the time)
  • Set recurrence if you have repeating tasks like meeting (use Recurrence option in Edit Task dialog)
  • Set reminder to be notified of your business tasks' deadlines or milestones. (use Reminder in Edit Task Dialog)
  • List of your employees (use Resource TAB)
  • Assign your employees to your business tasks (by drag and drop method from Resource Assignment Bar)
  • Automatically send personal to do lists to your remote employees (use Sent To Do List to Assigned Resources)
  • Print out to do lists for yourself and your employees
  • Filter tasks by various time periods to know what you should do next and when (use Filter Bar)
  • Track the tasks progress (use Status and Complete% options)
  • Check out the tasks once they are done.
Business organizer VIP Task Manager benefits:

VIP Task Manager is business organizer which increases your personal and business group productivity. It changes the way you mange business projects and business resources for better. Our business organizer:

  • helps you handle with more business tasks spending less time
  • lets you complete business deals on time and with expected results
  • improves your management skills and saves your time and money
Key Features of business organizer VIP Task Manager:

VIP Task Manager is full-featured business process management software which combines a business organizer, planner, tracker, notepad and reminder in one powerful application. It lets you quickly react to changes in business environment and give much of attention to the most important business ideas which insure 80% of successful project results. Our business process management software features:

  • Task List View
  • Task Tree View
  • Calendar View
  • Resource List View
  • Task Groups Panel
  • Notifications Panel
  • Filter Panel
  • Resource Assignment Panel
  • RTF Editor Panel
  • Attachments Panel
  • Date Navigator Panel
  • Permissions Panel
  • Roles Panel

If you are looking for business organizer with best quality-price relation, you have already found it.

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  Operating Systems:
Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows XP
$99.95 149.95 per license Buy The VIP Task Manager business organizer
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