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"This software rocks golden. Have been looking for this thingy a long time now. My search is over."
Tommy Hofton -
Eggedal, Norway
" Although I use Microsoft Outlook I found that the task tracking in your software has a better view and layout than Outlook. I like the way that icons can be used for different categories, and the different colours that are used in the main task list make it easier to get an overall picture of outstanding issues."
Christopher Jones -
Arundel, AU
"I have a purchased copy of VIP Team To Do List. Has to be one of the best products I have ever purchased. Well worth it."
Chad Lindsey -
Honolulu, HI
"I like the layout, categories, sorting, filters, and customizable print report. I love being able to change info on multiple tasks at once & being able to right click to change info on tasks."
Imelda Armstrong, -
Salt Lake City, UT

Defect management software: VIP Task Manager is the powerful defect management software

defect management software. Main view of defect management software.
Defect management software. Main View

Defect management software helps managers make a list of detected defects and share this list for defect correcting. VIP Task Manager is a sort of defect management software that lets users create defect correcting 'to do lists' and automatically send these 'to do lists' or defect correcting tasks by email to employees responsible for defect correction. It is the best defect management tool for optimization of defect correcting process.

Buy defect management software - The VIP Task Manager   30-day Trial version of VIP Task Manager defect management software is available
VIP Task Manager defect management software is recommended to:

VIP Task Manager is defect management software for people and their teams involved in defect correcting. This defect management software is for you if you believe that successful results depend on your ability to list and track defects. It is especially recommended to:

  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Sales managers
  • Contact managers
  • Resource managers
  • Team leaders
  • IT managers
  • Directors
  • Sales managers
  • Administrators
How to use defect management software:

VIP Task Manager is defect management software for optimization of efforts and time you spend on eliminating defects. It is your right hand in:

  • Make a list of detected defects for your team to correct them (use CTRL + ALT +A)
  • Prioritize defects by their urgency or importance (use SHIFT + CTRL + UP or SHIFT + CTRL + DOWN to increase or decrease priority)
  • Make a list of correction team members filling out their names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, job titles, etc. (use Resources TAB)
  • Assign your defect correction employees to defect correcting tasks (by drag and drop method from Resource Assignment Bar)
  • Send personal to do list to each employee of your defect correction team (use Send To Do List option) and automatically notify your team members about deadlines (use Reminder)
Benefits of defect management software VIP Task Manager:

VIP Task Manager is defect management software which increases your personal and team productivity. It changes the way you list and track defects for better. Our defect management software:

  • helps you handle with more defects spending less time
  • lets you eliminate defects on time and with expected results
  • improves your defect management skills
Key Features of defect management software VIP Task Manager:

VIP Task Manager is full-featured defect tracking software tool which combines a defect tracker, organizer, planner, notepad and reminder in one powerful application. It lets you quickly react to changes in defect environment and give much of attention to the most important defects which insure 80% of successful results. Our defect tracking software tool features:

  • Task List View
  • Task Tree View
  • Calendar View
  • Resource List View
  • Task Groups Panel
  • Notifications Panel
  • Filter Panel
  • Resource Assignment Panel
  • RTF Editor Panel
  • Attachments Panel
  • Date Navigator Panel
  • Permissions Panel
  • Roles Panel

If you are looking for defect management software with best quality-price relation, you have already found it.

Read more about defect management software VIP Task Manager
  Operating Systems:
Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows XP
$99.95 149.95 per license Buy The VIP Task Manager defect management software
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