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"...We have installed and tested the new CentriQS. It looks like a very nice build software!..."
Franz Helmli,
Alicona Imaging GmbH,
Graz, Austria
"...This software is awesome. Please let the developers (and the investors) know that this software is wonderful...."
John Handel,
Florida, US


Aug 7, 2013
VIP Quality Software today announced the general availability of CentriQS 2.0 version. With new reporting solution users can access and integrate information from all departments or business functions to present data in visually compelling formats without any additional software tools. Discover the new feature

Jul 1, 2013
VIP Quality Software team continues working on new versions of CentriQS, small business management software that features enterprise-level functionality for task management and database customization. What’s new for spring 2013

Team Management Software for Employee Performance Tracking & Reporting

Effective team management starts with having right software in place. With help of team management software, team leaders and managers can use best practices of HR to set collaborative priorities and objectives, review team performance and methods employed, manage traditional and custom projects, and organize remote offices and telework.

What to Expect from Team Management Software

Below you can see a list of key features that you can use in a good team management application, and CentriQS is an example. Although this list is not compete, it will help you understand what such an application is designed for and how CentriQS can help you manage everything related to your personnel.

Task Priority and Team Objectives

Prioritization makes it possible to define which tasks need to go first and what objectives need to be done either in parallel or separately. By setting task priorities you will lead your team members to right performance expectations and coordinate how they collaborate on their shared goals.

And team management software should let you use different prioritization techniques and goal setting approaches. For example, in CentriQS you can use numeric priorities to rank team tasks by numbers (from 1 to 999). If you prefer using urgency-importance matrix in prioritizing collaborative activities, you can use grades A, B, C, and D to prioritize urgent and/or important tasks.

team management software

Linking Objectives to Sub-tasks

Besides, 'Sub-task' capability in combination with predecessor-successor relationships will let you break down large team objectives into smaller individual sub-tasks, and each objective will be linked to related sub-items. The 'Predecessor' column in the Tasks view will show you clickable links, and when you click one of the links the program will open the related task or sub-task for editing. The 'Assigned To' column will show names of employees assigned to tasks and sub-tasks.

Break down Team Objectives with Dependent Subtasks

In the Tasks view you can create multi-level hierarchies with possibility to add tasks, sub-tasks and appointments to team calendars. Drag'n'drop functionality is supported in the collaboration software so you can break down your tasks into sub-tasks in a few mouse clicks.

Employee Performance Tracking and Reporting

Keeping track of employee performance allows you to figure out whether a team member (or entire team) moves towards the assigned goal. Special performance indicators will help you compare current results with expectations and create a report that tells senior management about real situation in team environment. For example, in CentriQS you can use Deviation to measure employee performance against several time-related properties such as Estimate, Actual and Remain. Deviation will show you whether there is a surplus or shortage of team time. You can include all performance analytics data in a pivot table report and then print out this report or export it into popular formats (Excel, PDF, HTML).

Employee Performance Tracking and Reporting

Traditional and Custom Project Management Tools

Top team management solutions support traditional project management approaches, yet their functionality remains flexible enough and incorporates customization technologies that help manage projects with highly adaptive and custom PM methodologies. For example, such solutions should allow you to easily handle traditional methods of project management (e.g. Waterfall, PRINCE2, Critical Path) as well as provide you with the ability to create and customize proprietary projects and processes within your business environment. Built-in features in combination with powerful customization tools will help carry out all basic functions (incl. project budgeting, HR, activity scheduling, task prioritization, etc.) and also extend the way you do project management in your company.

Project Management Tools

A Basic Tool for Project Management

CentriQS basic solution provides a single tool that allows you to create and specify all types of project by various default properties, including as Tasks, Team Members, Files, Notifications, Graphs, and more. The basic functionality will let you use traditional project management tools (task hierarchies, dependencies, burndown charts, related docs, time logs, schedules etc.) in your business projects.

Extended Functionality for Custom Project Management

If this functionality isn't enough for you, you can customize entity 'Project' in CentriQS database and adjust it to your specific PM needs. You can add new properties entity 'Project', create new entities in the database, provide extensive reporting options with OLAP cubes, sequence project stages by setting custom workflow, design new views and re-design existing layouts.

Customize Project Management

Software Solution for Remote Team Management

The new age of telework and virtual offices has come, and today the need for addressing remote team management issues is of great importance. Organizations that enjoy virtual working environments want their remote employees to collaborate on shared projects, instantly communicate with colleagues and management, report on performance, and be aware of the latest updates and changes made to files and documentation. However, distance makes it difficult to set goals, control team performance, keep track of project progress, and share data.

Great Collaboration Regardless of Distance

CentriQS remote team management software solution not only breaks the barrier of distance by providing real-time updates and instance communication to teleworkers and collaborators, but also creates a shared working environment in which every virtual teammate can keep collaborate on and track of the same data along with others in the team. Schedules, to-do lists, invoices, files, and or whatever else documents that your employees need for their collaborative remote work can be shared in real time and reviewed for updates. All the data will be stored in one database hosted on a remote server, and your on-site team members can use groupware client application to access the database over Internet.

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