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Family Templates

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Family Templates

Baby Essentials Template

This Baby Essentials Templates gives a general idea on how to prepare baby necessities for both you and your little one. It consists of the four categories: 1) Baby Essentials List for Mothers (Going to Hospital); 2) Baby Essentials for Newborn (Going from Hospital); 3) Baby Essentials for Newborn (At Home); 4) Baby Travel Checklist. 4 Kb

Baby Needs Template

Baby Needs template is a 'to do list' for you to get everything ready for your new born baby. Use this Baby Needs checklist as a Template to prepare all essentials before you bring your baby at home . Baby Needs Template

To Do List for Baby Needs

Baby Milestone Template

This Baby Milestone template is a tool for you to track the way of how your beloved child is supposed to grow up on early period of his/her life (8 weeks-24 months). This baby milestone guide is a set of milestones, explanations and tips which are called to help you to enjoy healthy growth of your baby (milestones given in this Baby Milestone template are not a strict plan, but just averaged baby development landmarks). 5 Kb

Baby Proofing Template

Reading baby proofing articles and tips helps parents to take care of their babies who just begin to crawl. Meanwhile, it would be also great if they could have a useful baby proofing guide and follow some suggestions. The following Baby Proofing Template gives a list of tips and household precautions for childproofing. 4 Kb

Baby Registry Template

This Baby Registry template is a sample list of items that can be gifted to parents-to-be by their guests during the baby shower event. In other words, this Baby Registry template is an all-round baby registry guide that includes sections such as Baby’s Necessities on Layette, Health, Gear and Accessories, and also Baby Registry Suggestions on Etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts); 8 Kb

Baby Shower Template

Baby Shower Template is a 'to do list' template that will help you to prepare everything necessary for upcoming baby shower. Use this Baby Shower template to make your baby party as memorable as possible . Baby Shower Template

To Do List for Small Business

Baby Travel Template

No matter whether you are going to travel for a day or week with your child, you will need to use a template of baby travel essentials in order not to miss anything required for safe and comfortable travelling. Use the following Baby Travel Template to learn more about baby travelling. 0 Kb

Babysitter Template

If you decide to hire a nanny to take care of your kids while you are away, you should know some important aspects of this matter. This Babysitter Template describes babysitter requirements and responsibilities and also specifies what necessary instructions you should provide to your nanny. 4 Kb

Chores Template

Chore list template is a 'to do list' for your family and your kids to keep the house in order. Use this Chores Template to take a few minutes each day to get your home ready for visitors at any moment.Chores Template

To Do List for Chores

Family Budget Template

Some family budget help will be always useful for those parents who want their families to be out of debts and to rationally spend earnings. The given below Family Budget Template will help you plan and track items of your family budget. 4 Kb

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Template

Pregnancy Hospital Bag template is a 'to do list' for future moms to check if they pack everything that she and her new-born child will need in hospital. Use this Pregnancy Hospital Bag template as a Template to prepare all you will need in hospital and avoid stress before childbirth. Pregnancy Hospital Bag Template

To Do List for Small Business

Puppy Template

One of the most important aspects in acquiring a new puppy is to ensure yourself that you get your puppy from someone reputable. There are also other important things in raising and fostering your dog, and you can read this Puppy Template to learn more. 5 Kb

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Aug 7, 2013
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