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"...We have installed and tested the new CentriQS. It looks like a very nice build software!..."
Franz Helmli,
Alicona Imaging GmbH,
Graz, Austria
"...This software is awesome. Please let the developers (and the investors) know that this software is wonderful...."
John Handel,
Florida, US


Aug 7, 2013
VIP Quality Software today announced the general availability of CentriQS 2.0 version. With new reporting solution users can access and integrate information from all departments or business functions to present data in visually compelling formats without any additional software tools. Discover the new feature

Jul 1, 2013
VIP Quality Software team continues working on new versions of CentriQS, small business management software that features enterprise-level functionality for task management and database customization. What’s new for spring 2013

Business Computer Software

Today, use of suitable desktop business computer software is a critical success for any company of any size. There are so many versatile business software solutions available in certain niches and developed for various purchases. Different companies decide on different solutions. On the one hand, larger business organizations prefer using sophisticated products to manage their needs. They are ready to pay for an expensive solution that could help lead their huge structures. On the other hand, small companies take a stake on cost-effectiveness, which means they want to get an affordable and sufficient solution to drive their business.

Business Computer Software Industry Leaders

Although it's only a few decades old, today the business computer software industry has a chequered past. We all know the examples of great desktop business solutions that have allowed many companies to get the most of their business activity, improve business efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Indeed, top brands like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM and IBM Business Intelligence are better known in many circles around the world than the names of the latest pop music stars!

In principle, the market leaders should define how the industry is going to develop and what desktop software packages businesses purchase. It's true, no doubt. But there is one thing to mention: the world is getting smaller and simpler, and more and more businesses want to get simple and small solutions to manage their activities. Often sophisticated and expensive brands from Microsoft, Oracle and other giants appear to be not so suitable for small business. They require too much money and resources to deploy, maintain, use and upgrade.

The Small Business Software Solution that can Beat the Competition

The industry continues to develop and gets new players on board. By now you can see many new small business software solutions that come up with great functionality and at lower cost. Although companies that develop these solutions are smaller and have much lower budgets than the market leaders, some of them can truly beat the competition by providing complete and featured packages at affordable prices. They are often narrowly targeted to potential buyers in certain market niches and ready to match an actual small business need with the highest accuracy.

CentriQS Business Computer Software

As an example, CentriQS is a desktop small business software solution developed by the VIP Quality Software company. This package has been designed specifically for managing the needs of small and medium enterprises. It's not just another "killer application" that can change your business for better. CentriQS centralizes all the data across your entire company by creating a database that can be customized to your specific needs and demands. You'll definitely like CentriQS due to its complete and easy database customization and affordable prices!

Default Solution for CRM and Sales Management

Any business deals with customers. For most of the small businesses, selling remains the main revenue-generating activity that lets grow and develop. CRM and sales should be managed in parallel in order to ensure better customer satisfaction and higher revenues. Exactly this idea is supposed by CentriQS's default solution.

Default Solution for CRM and Sales Management

This solution is provided as a pre-configured database that is ready for use in your small business. It is called "CRM for Sales". It is an example of how you can deal with leads, manage sales opportunities, create product catalogs, issue quotes, manage invoices, account for billable and non-billable working time, collaborate with salespeople, and report on sales revenues. In your database you can also manage projects, schedules, tasks, todo lists, and files. You can be notified of any updates made to the database - the business computer software sends automatic desktop and email notifications when some user makes changes. CentriQS offers all the tools you need to manage your small business information, including spreadsheets, analytics, dashboards, folders, document uploads, reports, filters, and more.

Sales Opportunities Dashboard Example

Simple Database Customization

You own a unique business so naturally you are looking for a way to tailor to your unique business needs. When you begin to use CentriQS, perhaps the first thing you note is that the program's default solution comes up with a powerful yet simple database customization tool called Configurator. This tool lets you extend the default solution to match your actual needs.

Simple Database Customization

In Configurator, you can add new entities to the database, set properties, create workflows, specify math formulas, manage logic expressions, and more. Certainly you can delegate this job to your IT guys. But even if you decide to do it yourself, you'll configure and tailor the database with ease - there is no need to write some code and be a computer geek. As an option, you can request a support session and the developer will help you do everything right.


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