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To Do List, Organizer, Time, Task and Project Management software for Small Business
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Task management software for planning and sharing task lists, projects, and schedules

Plan & Schedule Tasks

Share & Track Tasks

Measure & Report Tasks

task management software
Sort, group and filter tasks
Use task list, tree and calendar views
Add notes, links, and files
Get notifications and comments
Create custom fields and workflows
Manage projects and schedules
Automate business processes
Share working documentation
Boost team collaboration
Measure employee performance

After just a few days, my team's and my own personal tasks are all in order and I am now a lot less stressed than before. I am now in total control of all of my team's activities, thanks to VIP Task Manager.

Jonathan Comer, Siemens UK


  • Plan tasks for days, weeks and months
  • Schedule to-do's and appointments
  • Organize personal and business life
  • Task time and report progress
  • Manage projects and workflow.


  • To Do List for Small and Home Business - If you want to increase your income, have more flexible schedule and realize your ideas getting benefits from them.
  • To Do List for Project Managers - … quickly turns a complex project into set of simple and personalized ‘to do lists' for each project team member.
  • To Do List for Team Leaders - Share tasks with your team members within one mouse click. The program will make you a more effective team leader and establish your team communication.
  • To Do List for Goal Management - If you know precisely what your goals are, you know what you want to achieve and what you have to do to succeed. Goal management software is used by achievers in all fields.
  • To Do List for Time management - Improve your time management skills. The program will help you plan your life better and take control of your travel agency.



  • Action Plan Software - action plan program for management of affirmative action plans (AAP), corrective action plans, business action plans, employee action plans, personal action plans, etc. or creation of various action plan templates.
  • Address Book Software - address management system that organizes personal or organization address information. Address organizer program database contains names, emails, phones, addresses, etc.
  • Agenda Software - agenda planner that enables users to create daily agenda, meeting agenda, personal agenda, business agenda, etc. Agenda organizer is an electronic calendar program for setting agenda with help of samples and templates.
  • Bug Tracking Software - bug tracking system for listing and prioritizing bugs for their better fixing. Bug tracker is a software program tool based on 'to do list' solution for developers and QA managers.
  • Business Management Software - for business consulting, training, administration, etc. Business management tool is a program solution that enables managers to use their business skills for improving business process, performance and services.
  • Business Planning Software - business planning program for writing daily, strategic or sample plans or using free templates. Business planner is used to plan business process as succession of business tasks.
  • Calendar Software - calendar organizer, planner and scheduler for managing personal, family or business calendars in 2006, 2007 and so on. Calendar program lets organize appointments, events and holidays weekly, monthly, early or download free printable templates.
  • Checklist Software - checklist application to create checklists on various topics. Checklist tool lets users make their own checklists or use free templates, such as dating checklist, wedding checklist, moving checklist, baby checklist, camping checklist, house cleaning checklist, etc.
  • Chore List Software - chore list system for creating printable chore lists for kids, family or household. Like a chore chart, chore list lets schedule daily chores for a certain time on calendar or download free templates so that your teen child uses it as a house chore sheet.
  • Contact Management Software - contact management system that deals with sales, customers, etc. business database. Contact organizer program helps managers use contact information in small business.
  • Defect Tracking Software - defect tracking system for management of various defects. Defect tracker is a software program that makes defect correction process easier.
  • Employee Management Software - employee management system for time planning and task scheduling. Employee management program lets improve employees performance by prioritizing their tasks.
  • Employee Time Tracking Software - employee time tracking system for monitoring employees productivity. Employee time tracking program is used to track employees work or training process.
  • Goal Management Software - goal setting and achieving program for planning personal goals, business goals, long term goals, short term goals, performance goals, company goals, life goals, etc.
  • Home Business Software - home based business software for people who want to take an opportunity to work from home or have an opportunity to work online at home using Internet access.
  • Human Resource Management Software - human resource planning and scheduling system for small business solutions. It is computer program tool for managers that use HR information to create 'to do lists' for their human resources.


  • Get organized and get things done.
  • Stop procrastination and reduce stress.
  • Do the right things at the right time.
  • Increase performance and productivity.
  • Achieve goals with better results.


  • All Travel Checklists - You need to carefully plan your vacation to have only sweet memories when it is over. Let's try to use the experience of skilled tourists.
  • Christmas(Xmas) is a template for you to be sure that your Xmas party will be the happiest event of the year and you will celebrate this day as carefree as in your childhood.
  • Lesson planning - What I like about lesson planning is messing it up. Though a teacher's success depends greatly on his or her ability for lesson planning, it is often 'rules breaking' that makes a teacher successful.
  • Article Writing - Just imagine that you receive a letter from your editor: "Dear John, you are the best journalist of our magazine and I want you to write an article about…"
  • Bug tracking - According to Joel Spolsky, the important feature of an ideal software developer company is a bug tracking system. Most professional developers who have ever worked with bug tracking technology appreciate its advantages greatly.


  • Issue Tracking Software - issue tracking system for management of personal and business issues. Issue tracker is a software program tool that helps users better track issues they face.
  • Organizer Software - organizer program for organizing personal and business task at home or office. Electronic organiser tool is a daily planner to better organize private and professional life.
  • Personnel Management Software - personnel management system that lets plan personnel activities. It is personnel software solution for better personnel time tracking and task scheduling.
  • PIM Software - personal information management software for Windows operating system that manages personal information. PIM application is a computer program that helps managers store and use their essential info.
  • Productivity Software - productivity management and tracking system for efficiency improvement. Productivity tool is used as a popular solution to increase personal and business productivity.
  • Project Management Software - project management system for project managers to manage project tasks and time. Personal project management program is a simple tool for managing agile projects.
  • Project Planning Software - project planning tool for creation, communication, implementation and execution of project plans. Project planner outlines business process and breaks projects into simple steps or uses free project templates as project samples.
  • Project Tracking Software - project tracking system for tracking project time and workflow. Project tracker tool lets track project progress using 'to do list' spreadsheet.
  • Reminder Software - reminder system for daily notifications of personal or corporate events, appointments, birthdays, etc. Reminder program uses calendar date and time settings to notify you by sound, message alert, email letter or SMS to cell phone.
  • Small Business Software - small business program tool for opening a small business and its administration. Small business application helps you plan your business or use an opportunity of startup template.
  • Task Management Software - task management system for all kinds of managers. Task management program for Windows is a useful tool to manage business and personal task lists.
  • Task Tracking Software - task tracking system that enables users to control their personal and employees' productivity. Task tracker is a software program tool for creating task lists and tracking tasks progress.
  • Team Management Software - team management system for team building, training and managing. Team management software application lets top managers or team leaders plan team members' time and tasks using 'to do lists'.
  • Time Management Software - time management system that lets managers use their time management skills, technique, strategy and tips in managing personal time or training company staff. Time management program tool is used as time sheet program to benefit from this effective solution and avoid stress.
  • Time Keeping Software - timekeeping system that lets users keep their personal or employees' time. Time keeper saves time you spend on tasks by using priority solution.
  • Time Tracking Software - time sheet tracking software for personal and business solutions. Time tracker is a software program tool that lets users control the time they spend on tasks using time sheets.
  • To Do List Software - to-do list program that makes a list of all your todo items. To do list solution lets you do the right things in the right time and order


Aug 7, 2013
VIP Quality Software today announced the general availability of CentriQS 2.0 version. With new reporting solution users can access and integrate information from all departments or business functions to present data in visually compelling formats without any additional software tools. Discover the new feature

Jul 1, 2013
VIP Quality Software team continues working on new versions of CentriQS, small business management software that features enterprise-level functionality for task management and database customization. What’s new for spring 2013

Jan 22, 2013
VIP Task Manager Professional gets silver medal and excellent rate in the category “Scheduling Software” according to the annual review held by TopTenREVIEWS to simplify the buying process for customers. Learn more


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Create, manage and send tasks or entire to do lists to your team in one click by E-mail

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Powerful tool to create to do lists, plan, track, report, export tasks, set reminders, notes, links

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