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"...We have installed and tested the new CentriQS. It looks like a very nice build software!..."
Franz Helmli,
Alicona Imaging GmbH,
Graz, Austria
"...This software is awesome. Please let the developers (and the investors) know that this software is wonderful...."
John Handel,
Florida, US


Aug 7, 2013
VIP Quality Software today announced the general availability of CentriQS 2.0 version. With new reporting solution users can access and integrate information from all departments or business functions to present data in visually compelling formats without any additional software tools. Discover the new feature

Jul 1, 2013
VIP Quality Software team continues working on new versions of CentriQS, small business management software that features enterprise-level functionality for task management and database customization. What’s new for spring 2013

Contact Management Program

CRM and contact management program is an essential electronic assistant for all people who deal with managing sales and customer relationships. It helps organize contacts and other business data in one database, manage tasks and projects, and create new custom objects in the database to fit any business needs and requirements. You can use such software to efficiently manage such CRM-related activities as prospecting, lead generation, quoting, invoicing, sales tracking, etc.

Collect and Organize Contact Data

Contact management starts with collecting and organizing business contacts so that it will be easier for sales personnel to find necessary records and focus on current deals. Apparently in today's fast-paced world using paper and pen is not efficient for managing contact data. The same way you can't use simple electronic organizers and address books which just store your contacts but not allow you to integrate them with other business data.

In everyday life you have to deal with dozens of phone numbers, addresses, emails and other contacts. Ideally, there should be a contact management program to collect and organize all business data in a database. Then you could find or add needed items with ease. For example, CentriQS lets you create the Contacts view in its database to manage all of your business contacts. The program features full text search that makes it easy to find a contact by a keyword and key phrase in your database. You can add any details for each contact profile including "First Name", "Last Name", "Email", "Address", "City", etc.

Contact Management Program: Collect and Organize Contact Data

Train and Support Sales Staff

Staff training is one of the basic requirements of effective contact management. Salespeople need be educated in CRM best practices in order to know how to establish contacts with their customers. Senior management must provide and clearly communicate training programs that let improve employee skills and knowledge. A better understanding of traditional and progressive methods of sales and customer support will help salespeople set more realistic contact strategies, explore new CRM solutions, and demonstrate improved performance. Besides, good sales training improves employee retention, impacts organizational competitiveness and contributes to fewer mistakes and higher revenues.

CentriQS as Contact Management Program

It is important for employers to provide staff training that is cost-effective and well-controlled. Training effectiveness can be increased through developing a comprehensive plan that specifies all the constraints and requirements (incl. time, cost, quality, scope) that should be defined and satisfied. The following steps help you plan out staff training activities:

  • Define the need for training
  • Identify those employees who require training
  • Identify the skills and knowledge the employees must be educated in
  • Align your plan with the company's strategy and objectives
  • Consider if you can involve internal trainers

Task Management Tools for Planning Staff Training

These steps describe a strategic approach. When it comes to planning lower-level objectives and tactics, each employer needs to define the specific tasks and activities that are best aligned with the training expectations. CentriQS can help you in task planning and management. In this program you can create todo lists and tasks organized into multiple sub-tasks. Due dates, several types of priorities, user assignments, timer, templates and other task management tools and other solutions of the software will help you plan and manage your staff training activities.

Task Management Tools for Planning Staff Training

Use CRM Database for Sales and Contact Management

The default solution of CentriQS software provides a sample CRM database that is designed to help sales professionals in managing customer-related data. This database supports a complete CRM cycle, so such things as contact management, sales tracking, quoting and invoicing won't be a trouble for you. In particular it offers you to:

  • Create product catalogs and quotes
  • Work with leads and prospects
  • Keep track of sales opportunities
  • Manage customer accounts
  • Collect customer contacts
  • Manage orders and invoices

You get an all-in-one CRM and contact management program that can be easily tailored to your company's specific needs and your own preferences. In CentriQS Configurator you can customize entities and their properties, set custom workflows, configure layouts, and manage other settings to deepen database customization. The interface is really user-friendly so you can customize and configure the database with ease even if you are not a programmer.

Extended Functionality for Flexible Management

Along with CRM-related entities, CentriQS database provides other entities that help you organize and manage tasks, projects, files, notifications, reminders, schedules, dashboards and other. And this capability makes CentriQS a far more functional and extended solution than any conventional sales and contact management applications that support CRM modules only.

Extended Functionality for Flexible Management

Moreover, in CentriQS you can add new entities and items to customize and extend your database. In this regard, you get the enterprise-wide package that really works fine almost for any business environments and under any functionality requirements. With the extended functionality of CentriQS software, the way you manage your business gets upgraded and the flexibility of your managerial decisions is improved.

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