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"...We have installed and tested the new CentriQS. It looks like a very nice build software!..."
Franz Helmli,
Alicona Imaging GmbH,
Graz, Austria
"...This software is awesome. Please let the developers (and the investors) know that this software is wonderful...."
John Handel,
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Aug 7, 2013
VIP Quality Software today announced the general availability of CentriQS 2.0 version. With new reporting solution users can access and integrate information from all departments or business functions to present data in visually compelling formats without any additional software tools. Discover the new feature

Jul 1, 2013
VIP Quality Software team continues working on new versions of CentriQS, small business management software that features enterprise-level functionality for task management and database customization. What’s new for spring 2013

Use and Customize Contact Manager Software Features

No matter whether you own a home-based business or work for a business organization your contact management challenges loom large. You have to deal with hundreds of contacts and keep track of interactions with your customers and prospects, so you need to use contact manager software that will help you address the challenges of CRM and drive business growth. The question is, what CRM solution will best fit your needs? Conventional contact management software lets you keep your business live, while packages that feature powerful customization and extended functionality take your business to a new, higher level of performance.

Key Features of Conventional Contact Management Software

Below you can say the core features of contact managing programs that help you capture, organize and keep records on your clients, their contact data and accounts. Apparently, these features are sufficient to solve typical problems of CRM, such as customer profiling, history logging, task prioritization, scheduling, performance measurement, and reporting.

Manage Contacts and Customer Accounts

With help of contact management software you can consolidate and manage all records on your company's contacts and accounts, so it becomes easier for your personnel to focus on the right information exactly when they need it. A centralized database will store and organize all CRM data, and your employees can access it both locally and remotely to view their current assignments, urgent calls, incoming notifications, and ranked activities. Filters, panels, views, sorting, search and other tools and capabilities will let easily manage contacts, customer profiles and accounts.

Set Reminders and Priorities

Effective CRM requires commitment and energy. Successful deals are made at the right time and with the right customers. When your salespeople are committed to right sales priorities and do their tasks on schedule, their efficiency gets higher and they contribute to higher revenues. In contact manager software your salespersons can set automatic reminders to keep track of upcoming meetings, call-backs, pressing emails, and every other task in their to-do lists. Priorities will help tasks by importance and urgency.

Capture Customer Communications

Well-planned communications with customers determine the lion's share of CRM success. The way how you plan and manage customer communications depends greatly on how well you capture and monitor contacts history. By using traditional contact manager solutions, you have a full history of deals and communications at your fingertips. You can display all your interactions with any given client on your screen, keep track of past purchases and contacts, and view upcoming events in your current agenda.

Build Reports

Reporting helps explain why things were good or what steps were failed. Reporting comes close with results analysis and serves as a foundation for exploring improvement opportunities. When you deal with your contacts and clients, it is important that you can measure the performance of work and report on the results achieved. Conventional CRM and contact management programs let you generate performance reports to drill deeper into your data and gain insight into your business activities.

Customization to Go Beyond Contact Manager Software

CentriQS gives you a key advantage over conventional small business CRM solutions and contact manager software: this package provides enhanced database customization. By means of CentriQS Configurator installed on your server side you gain full access to all features and capabilities that help you tailor and configure your small business database.

With the database customization solution from, you don't need to acquire a standalone contact management program or spend your money on special hardware and third-party systems. CentriQS makes the process of customizing a database user-friendly and intuitive so even non-programmers can deal with it. In short, all your CRM and contact management needs can be fulfilled without involving significant IT investments. In case you actually face some difficulties in database customization you can always contact the tech support team from and get expert advice. Custom database configuration is available as one more option you can pay for to tailor and set up your database.

Customize Without Code

As it's been said, you don't have to be a programmer to create and customize CentriQS database according to your preferences. In Configurator all entities of your database are presented in a hierarchical view.

Customize without Code

You can expend each entity to manage its properties, workflows and tables. In a few mouse clicks you can add new items, and no coding is required. The program has a data verification and commitment mechanism that checks changes made to the database for errors. Even if you mistype something critical or enter wrong data CentriQS will tell you about that.

Keep All Business Records in One Database

Business management becomes less challenging and more successful when all business data are stored in a centralized digital repository. Then managers and executives can quickly find necessary files and records. CentriQS lets turn your database into a place where all of your company's employees can keep and manage their work and personal data. Tasks, projects, docs, contacts, dashboards, reports, orders, notes and more data can be created, organized and protected in your database.

All Business Records in One Database

Use API for Integration Purposes

Unlike traditional CRM and contact manager software solutions, CentriQS provides Application Program Interface (API) that lets developers integrate the program with existing systems. If you have a need for CentriQS integration, then this feature will help you implement necessary capabilities. The Developers Center at gives the basic information you need to start using API.

Use API for Integration Purposes

Manage User Access

All data on your contacts, customers, transactions, projects, docs and other business records is kept safe and secure, and only authorized users can access it. The program features a flexible system of entity permissions to set and manage user access to the database. You can allow or deny selected employees to "read" and "write" selected entities and their properties.

Manage User Access

For example, managers and administrative personnel are allowed to view and edit any entity in your database, while non-managerial employees can see and modify only the data they need in their work. In addition, CentriQS supports Active Directory authentication and data encryption.

Create CRM Dashboard

One more way to tailor your database is that you can add one or more dashboards that let gather and display business analytics graphs and spreadsheets on a single screen. For example, you create a CRM dashboard to see all of your customers, their contacts, sales orders and other data from a single view. The program updates the data as new and existing items are modified in the database, so your dashboard will show you only current and relevant information.

contact manager software: Create CRM Dashboard


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