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Bug Tracking

Bug tracking doesn't give your bugs a chance.

   According to Joel Spolsky, the important feature of an ideal software developer company is a bug tracking system. Most professional developers who have ever worked with developer tools like bug tracking technology appreciate its advantages greatly. If you haven't used bug tracking software yet or if you are searching for appropriate tool, we offer you to try VIP Team To Do List or VIP Organizer Our products won't give your bugs any chance to slip from you.

Bug tracking doesn't like making haste.

   After development process is over, the code is written and compiler shows you the fondest number of errors - zero, it is high time for testing. You start the application and… here they are. Dozens of bugs are coming out of your woodwork. The best thing you can do is to stop making a fuss, press magic shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A and take a bug to your To Do List. Here you give this bug its name and in field Note you write down the number of steps for this bug to come out. Then go back to bug hunting to make your To Do List full.

VIP Organizer
Bug tracking stage starts here.

   So, if you have enough bugs in your To Do List you can subsume each of them under appropriate tree structure category, for example by component they belong to. It is very useful as later you can get a list of bugs related by one component within a mouse click. Prioritizing bugs from Lowest to Urgent lets you pay attention to those which cause 'fall' or block definite functions in your application.

'Drag & Drop' your bugs above the grid.

   Now we can analyze your To Do List and decide who, when and how will correct the bugs. You estimate priority and time for correction of each bug and set its due date. For your convenience our products provide powerful toolset for tasks filtration and sorting (including embedded tasks). The easiest way is to drag any field from your To Do List and drop it on special space above the grid.

VIP Organizer
Never say 'Bug tracking never ends!'

   When your merciless 'bug demolition' plan is ready you can start executing it. Bug tracking has never been so controlled. Having corrected the bug, you press 'Ctrl+Alt+S' check it 'done' and 'Esc' to get back to work. If the bug is too big there is % field to track its completion. And remember: "Each bug has its date"!

Bug tracking for personal or team correction.

   VIP Organizer is best for developers who test the application and track bugs themselves. VIP Team To Do List allows to assign several developers for bug tracking and correcting. Within a single mouse click you can publish bug list for the whole developer team on Web or send correspondent tasks to each developer by email. You can even make a screenshot and attach it to the bug in hyperlink field. We believe such way of bug tracking will save your time for software correcting and testing and increase its quality and credibility.

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