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"I have recently become really passionate about managing daily tasks that are not re-occurring. I feel Microsoft Office does a fine job helping user manage their appointments and meetings; however their "tasks" module is lacking in every way. I found your SimpleToDoList software to be very user friendly and simple to use. I use the software every day and have spread the word to others I think would find it useful."
Matthew Logering -
Minneapolis, MN
"...I'm a big fan of your product. I've tried dozens of approaches to To Do lists over the past 25 years and believe that you've come up with the best interface and workflow that I've seen..."
David Baumann -
Potomac, MD
"...This is an excellent program. I'm so glad that I stumbled on to this when researching for task management programs. Very low learning curv, quite flexible, and the price is right. Tried at least 20 other programs, either too complicated, too expensive, or poor documentation...."
Chad Lindsey -
Honolulu, HI


Life List

If you think you have accomplished much in your life, ask yourself: Where have I been? What have I done? After you make a list of your achievements you will probably realize how much you would still like to do. Lesson planning

Christmas List

Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, Christmas tree, Christmas decoration... This to do list never ends. If you ask yourself: what should I do to avoid nightmare before Christmas? Then - stay with us…Christmas Things To Do List

Article Writing

Just imagine that you have received a letter from your editor: "Dear John, you are the best journalist of our magazine and I want you to write an article about…" Bug tracking

Bug tracking

According to Joel Spolski, the important feature of an ideal software developer company is a bug tracking system. Most professional developers who have ever worked with bug tracking technology appreciate its advantages greatly. Bug tracking

Lesson planning

What I like about lesson planning is messing it up. Though a teacher's success depends greatly on his or her ability for lesson planning, it is often 'rules breaking' that makes a teacher successful. Lesson planning

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