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Simple To Do List: User interface summary


    The VIP Simple To Do List provides a clear easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, which allows you to add and manage your tasks quickly.

The interface consists of the following parts:
  • Main toolbar  - provides quick access to commonly-used commands.
  • Navigation bar  - is located by default in the left part of the application window and contains the following sections: "General", "Task operations" and "Category operations". It provides access to main funcitons for working with databases, tasks and categories.
  • Categories bar  - is located by default in the upper right part of the application window and displays a hierarchical list of existing categories, allowing to quickly filter the tasks by category.
  • Filters bar  - is located by default in the lower right part of the application window. It contains the "Filter by Done" and "Filter by Due Date" sections and allows to quickly filter tasks by the "Done" field and the task's due date.
  • Task List - displays tasks and allows the user to group and filter tasks and provides full access to task properties.

    As can be seen above, the VIP Simple To Do List's main window is divided into several resizable panes. To change the size of the panes place the mouse cursor over a frame. The cursor will change to the resize cursor. Holding down the mouse button drag the frame to the size you want. You can drag it right or left. Surrounding windows will also be resized.

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