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Task Management Software

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Key Features
Task Management
Set Start, Finish Date & Time
Set Due Date & Time
Set Estimated and Actual Time
Set Priority and Order
Set Status and Complete
Set Task Recurrence
To Do List Management
Create, Edit and Delete To Do Lists
Change Tasks Priority and Order
Group Tasks by Columns
Sort Tasks within Columns
Project Management
Create, Edit and Delete Project Tree
Show Hierarchy of Project Stages
Show Hierarchy of Project Stages and Tasks
Employees Management
Create, Edit and Delete Human Resources
Assign Tasks to Human Resources
Group Resources by Columns
Sort Resources within Columns
Create, Edit and Delete Roles
Assign Human Resource to Roles
Schedule Management
Create, Edit and Delete Employees Schedules
Schedule Tasks, Events, Appointments, etc
Display Assigned and Unassigned Tasks
Display Tasks for a Certain Time Period
Multi-user Simultaneous Access
Allow multiple users to access the database simultaneously
Allow or Deny Permissions to View, Edit, Delete Tasks
Send and Receive Notifications
Automatically Send and Receive Notifications
Show Unread Notifications and Notifications of Highlighted Task
Mark Selected or All the Notifications as Read
Show and Hide Notification Description
Email Tasks
Send Tasks to Assigned Resources
Automatically Send Individual To Do Lists to Assigned Resources
Import Individual To Do List to Database from attached CSV file
Publish To Do Lists on website
Automatically Put To Do List on Website through FTP
Export View to MS Excel
Export View to HTML
Export View to Text Format
Export View to CSV
Export View to XML
Preview and Print Tasks
Preview and Print Notes
Apply Multiple Filters
Create, Edit and Delete Filters
Filter Tasks by Name, Number, Status, Priority
Filter Tasks by Date or Time Period
Filter Tasks by Owner, Assigned Resource
Add Notes
Create, Edit and Delete Notes
Change Font Size, Name, Style, Color
Set Text Alignment
Set Reminders
Set Pop-up Message Reminder
Set Sound Alarm Reminder
Set Email Letter Reminder
Set Reminder for Human Resources
Attach Files or Hyperlinks
Upload Files to Database
Attach Hyperlinks to Files or WebPages
Open and Delete Attachments
Save Attached Files to Computer
Organize Task into Groups/Categories
Create, Edit and Delete Task Groups
Change Task Group Order
Set Filter by Task Group
Expand and Collapse Task Groups
Organize Groups/Categories as a tree structure
Other Features
Create Multiple Databases
Save or Copy Databases to Portable Devices
Text Search Engine
Protect the database with password
Save, Edit and Delete Task List Layout

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