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Recurrences Tasks

The Recurrences Tasks it's the routine tasks that you permanently need to repeat in the defined time.

To create such tasks you need to mark the Due date option in the Create Task dialog, or to make an existent task a recurrence task you need to mark Due Date option in the Edit Task dialog.

Then you need to mark the Recurrence option in the dialog you opened and the Rule of Recurrence Wizard will open. In this wizard you can step-by-step define all parameters for recurrence you need.

At the beginning you need to chhose the time interval for repeating the task. It can be hours, days, weeks, months or years.

In this dialog of the wizard you need to define the start date and time of the recurrence task

Depending on the interval you choose next dialog will appear.

If you chose hours in the first dialog you need to define period of recurrence in hours and minutes.
If you chose days in the first dialog you need to define period of recurrence in days.
If you chose weeks in the first dialog you need to define period of recurrence in weeks or you can choose repeating the task every even or odd week of the year, or define wich week of wich month or months the task will be repeated. Also you can define days of the week to repeat the task.
If you chose months in the first dialog you need to define in wich day of the chosen month or months the task must be repeated..
If you chose years in the first dialog you need to define period of recurrence in years.

In the next dialog of the wizard you need to define the end of the recurrence. It can be one of the three options: doesn't end, end after defined number of occurences, or the recurrence end on defined date.

In the last dialog of the wizard you'll see the Summary of all parameters you chose in the previous dialogs and if you want to change something you can return to the needed dialog. Or if you will press Finish button the recurrence will be created

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