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VIP Team To Do List: FTP Options

The options dialog can be accessed via the [Tools | Options] menu command.

Installation-specific settings for accessing the FTP Server.

This option allows the program to publish To Do Lists on the Web-servers for shared access of all of the work group members. This is very handy for virtual work groups, when the members are located in different places.

Host – the name of the FTP server used for publishing To Do List files (documents).
User - user name (for access authorization).
Password - user password (for access authorization).
Host Directory – the folder on the server for physical allocation of the To Do List files. For each of the work group members a separate document is created in the specified directory, containing an individual task schedule.

If your computer or local network use a proxy server for accessing the Internet, you can enter the relevant information in the “Using Proxy” fields of the proxy server settings.
(To avoid problems ask your system administrator to enter the necessary settings).

The Send Notification check box allows to notify the work group members about changes made in the To Do List documents on the server.

HTTP address – the URL which corresponds to the Host Directory, for generating the URL for accessing the To Do List via a regular Internet Browser.

For example:
FTP Host – ‘’
Host Directory – ‘/wwwroot/myproject/todolists/’
HTTP address – ‘’

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