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VIP Team To Do List: Reminder

You can set the Reminder to remind you about some tasks. When a task has a Reminder option selected it has mark in the Tasks List.

To set the reminder choose the Reminder page in the Create Task dialog or in the Edit Task dialog.

Mark the Reminder option on this page and the reminder parameters will be active.

Note: Parameter "Before" will be active only if you set the Due date on the General page of the dialog.

You can define at what time you need a remind and choose how much minutes, hours, days or weeks before the defined date you need a remind.

Also you can choose the sound file to be played with the remind and the e-mail, you want a message about remind to be sent.

The Reminder message with all information about the task will be displayed in the time you chose.

If you are busy in this very time you can postpone the Reminder by choosing in how much minutes, hours, days or weeks you want the remind once again.

When you chose the time to postpone the remind press Snooze button.

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