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Crisis Survival Checklists

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Crisis Survival Checklists

How to run business during the crisis

If you survive in global crisis, you will benefit from unique opportunity to develop your business with less investments and competitors. However at the moment the main task is to survive, so please, consider this "How to run your business during the crisis" template as your action plan for your business survival. How to run business during the crisis

Establishing Project Office Checklist

How to Find a Job During The Crisis

Economy recession leads to increasing number of unemployed people. It becomes harder to find a job, still if you follow the tips in "how to find a job during the crisis" template, it will be easier for you to get a job and win the competition among other candidates. How to run business during the crisis

How to Find a Job During The Crisis

How Not To Lose Client During Crisis

In time of economic recession one of the consumer's main cares, whether it is the private person or the corporate client, becomes the aim to save money. Traditional reasons for buying goods ("I need this thing because everyone has it", "I deserve to have it" or "This thing is cool/funny!") do not work anymore. The basket of purchases can often be reduced to a minimum. Undoubtedly the best strategy that you can offer your clients is a strategy which allows them to save money. Use this "How not to lose client during crisis" template to keep your client's loyalty. How to run business during the crisis

How To Save a Family Budget During The Crisis

Overcoming economy recession within a family requires reducing expenses. As the psychologists advise the main thing is not to deny oneself in everything and at once but think over the question of economy. Use this "How to save a family budget during the crisis" template to survive during the crisis. Risk Management Checklist

How To Save Your Company Budget During The Crisis

It is acknowledged that for most companies the crisis is the worst time when the expenses have grown too much and incomes fall. While there may be temporary budget deficits during the crisis, the company management should find the ways to save the company budget. There must be developed an action plan that helps to overcome the crisis. This checklist shows you actions to save your company's budget. Project Management Template

How Not To Lose Your Work During The Crisis

Mass dismissals and high unemployment are one of the biggest problems of the crisis. During the crisis a lot of companies fail and discharge their employees. You should be ready to face the crisis and find ways to prevent yourself from losing your job. Use this checklist to learn what you can do to save your job and incomes Project Management Template

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