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Task Management Templates

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Task Management Templates

Task Analysis Template

This Task Analysis Template is created for work managers who wish to make sure that tasks they are going to manage are properly planned, supported and ready to be successfully done. With a help of this template you can check matters of resources, workforce, etc. 3 Kb

Task Breakdown Template

This Task Breakdown Template will be helpful to anyone who undertakes to decompose tasks, as far as work breakdown in Project Management is one of the most essential practices helping the project managers in getting a work scope overlook and better understanding of activities to be done. This Template is a guide to explain you the basics of the task breakdown technique and its objectives. 3 Kb

Task Completion Template

This Task Completion template would be useful to everyone who wants to organize work at some task, including different areas of this process – scheduling, organizing a team, statusing work, etc. With a help of this template it would be easy for you to plan and complete any of your tasks. 3 Kb

Task Decomposition Template

Task Decomposition Template is composed to help people in planning their tasks. With a help of this template you can learn & follow the algorithm of breaking a task down into underlying actions. With a help of this template you can also consider resources you will need for work. 3 Kb

Task Duration Template

Tasks are the smallest pieces of work in every project. If you know how to plan, estimate and control task duration, you are likely to practice effective time management throughout all the phases of your project’s implementation. Read this Task Duration Template to learn more about popular methods for planning, estimating and controlling task duration. 5 Kb

Task Estimation Template

When you start planning your new project there is a need to make necessary estimations before creating the project management plan. Such estimations show how tasks of the project will be planned and implemented in terms of quality, time, cost and performance. Use this Task Estimation Template to find out how to estimate tasks by cost, quality, performance and time. 4 Kb

Task Environment Template

This Task Environment Template is composed for work managers who want to study & examine the environment where their tasks will take place, so they can study its features. With a help of this template you can anticipate both negative and positive factors of the environment. 2 Kb

Task Evaluation Template

This Task Evaluation Template will be helpful to managers who want to know if their supervised tasks are fully projected, estimated and prepared for actual work. With a help of this all-round template you can easily operate the evaluation process to make sure that a task is ready to be seamlessly done. 2 Kb

Task Force Template

Task Force Template is designed to help you in assembling all you need for a group of people who are temporarily assigned to work together upon specific and clearly defined objective. With a help of this template you can easily check availability of motivation, workforce, technology and support. 2 Kb

Task Mapping Template

This Task Mapping Template describes 4 basic steps for creating task maps within projects. When you plan for a new project the template will guide you through ways to solve the mapping problem. It is designed as a to-do list so you can use your task management software to recreate all the tasks of the to-do list and do them step by step. 5 Kb

Task Modelling Template

The modelling approach makes it easier for decision makers and performers to design a task structure defining how to perform required activities to reach preset goals and objectives. In the following Task Modelling Template you will read about the definition, need and phases of task models. 3 Kb

Task Observation Template

This Task Observation Template explains managers the principles of task control and supervision. With a help of this template you will find out how to set observation goals, what roles are to be assigned on the process and how to undertake this in practice. 3 Kb

Task Order Template

A task order is a document supplementing an established contract to determine an amount of jobs or/and services a contractor needs to carry out under certain requirements. The following Task Order Checklist describes key steps for crating such a document. 3 Kb

Task Planning Template

The following Task Planning Template explores 7 key steps of the planning process. Every step includes several guiding questions to help an individual or a team to determine what to do next. The template is designed as guidelines for everyone who needs to learn about planning daily tasks and activities. 5 Kb

Task Prioritization Template

This Task Prioritization Template is designed for people who need to manage priorities over their daily workflow, projects, or home activities. While you can find a plenty of useful tips and task prioritization videos on the Web, this template contains review & explanation of the most used tasks prioritization methods, along with some practical guidelines to sort out your prioritisation activity. 4 Kb

Task Qualification Template

If you want to choose the best candidates for doing certain work, then you need to evaluate your employees by task qualification criteria. In this Task Qualification Template you will find out what criteria to use for employee evaluation. 4 Kb

Task Report Template

Every project consists of a number of tasks to be completed by the project team. When you want to review status of tasks assigned to your team, you need to use a task report. The following Task Report Template describes task attributes that the team can report on. 3 Kb

Task Reporting Template

This Task Reporting Template is composed to support business owners and other kinds of work managers in their aspiration to establish clear workflow controlling practice. With a help of this template you can arrange your own system of internal corporate controls to maintain work reporting and keeping it effective. 3 Kb

Task Saturation Template

This Task Saturation Template is created to help managers and their employees in beating the task saturation phenomenon which occurs when we are massively overloaded with work. With a help of this template you will know its symptoms and effective methods to prevent it. 3 Kb

Task Supervision Template

Supervisor is a person that ensures all activities are carried out in accordance with project engagements or specific goals. The Template shows how to supervise tasks, set directions, state expectations and communicate with employee during a project. 3,5 Kb

Task Performance Template

Task performance is a measure which is applicable in evaluating a project or process progress. The understanding of how a task is performed by an employee is the key to impact the project feasibility and to increase the project success. Use the task performance Template to initiate and review a project. Task performance template

Task performance template

Task Training Template

Training task management is very important to better employee management because it makes a foundation for improving task-based skills and abilities of employees. The following Task Training Template demonstrates the key steps to managing the training process. 5 Kb

Task Update Template

This Task Update Template will be helpful to all work and project managers who are in charge to keep their supervised tasks consistent and revised up to recent changes. With a help of this template you will know what things are worth of attention when updating your tasks.  

task-update-Ů 3 Kb

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