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Household Templates

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Household Templates

Apartment Template

Apartment template is a 'to do list' for you to remember what should be checked before you enter a new apartment. Use this Apartment template as a Template to examine each room, discover each breakage and inform the landlord about it.Apartment Templates

Apartment Template

Home Building Template

Home Building template is a 'to do list' for you to be organized and to do all things required for building a new house. Use this Home Building checklist as a Template to ensure that you are ready to successfully cope with this important and laborious process.  Home Building Template

Home Safety Template

Home Buying Template

Home Buying template is a 'to do list' you should check while house hunting. Use this Home Buyer Template to buy the house of your dreams for a reasonable price. Home Buying Templates

To Do List for Home Buying

Home Inspection Template

Home Inspection template is a ‘to do list’ for you to make an overall analysis of the house you are going to purchase. Use this Home Inspection template as a Template to check and find out all details concerning your buying. To Do List for Home Inspection

To Do List for Home Inspection

Home Maintenance Templates

This home maintenance template will help all private house owners to keep their households in a proper condition making their lives comfortable. This house maintenance template can help even those who have home maintenance insurance and service agreement, so all essential household maintenance services are undertaken by special companies, because it will help to control if home maintenance group do their job well. Content of this household maintenance template is arranged by different halves of a year, so each of two parts contains appropriate seasonal recommendations on maintaining your indoor and outdoor. 5 Kb

House Moving Template

Household moving template is a relocation ‘to do list’ for you to move out and move in at a time. Use this Moving Tips Template to relieve 'moving' stress.House Moving Templates

To Do List for House Moving

House Rental Template

This House Rental Template is designed to help lessors and tenants. It consists of two parts, such as "Rental checklist for landlords" and "Rental checklist for tenants". Regardless of what role you are going to take, the template will be helpful for you. 4 Kb

House Selling Template

This House Selling Template is created to be helpful to those who want to get their houses fully prepared for selling. With its help you will get a bunch of ideas on getting ready in terms of your home’s exterior and interior, and will tell you how to communicate with a real estate agent. 3 Kb

Garage Building Template

Garage Building template is a ‘to do list’ for you to build the best garage on your street. Use this template as a Template not to spend time for rebuilding. Wedding Planning Templates

To Do List for Garage Project

Winter Home Template

The Winter Home template will be useful to everyone who lives in a zone of temperate climate and wants to make his home winter-ready (to winterize and maintain it properly). With a help of this all-round Winter Home template you can study a number of winter home improvement tips (energy saving and repair guidelines) and get a set of good winter home maintenance tips on safety, comfort and gardening. 6 Kb

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