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Marketing Templates

Marketing Activities Template

This Marketing Activities Template is created to help corporate managers and marketers in their need to introduce and promote their companies, brands and products in a better possible way. With a help of this template you can learn how to design a workable solution for your company. 4 Kb

Market Analysis Template

Proper research and analysis of the market your company operates in will save much time and money, as well as open new channels of product/service distribution that can prove profitability of the company. Use the given below market analysis template to find out how to investigate and analyze your market. 5 Kb

Marketing Audit Template

A marketing audit is an analysis of marketing activities and operations of a business company to determine problems related to products and customers and to generate recommendations for soling those problems. The Marketing Audit Template outlines key tasks for analyzing marketing activities. 4 Kb

Marketing Automation Template

Marketing Automation Template is composed to help you in appraising a degree to which your marketing processes are automated (hence are more profitable to organization). With a help of this template you can inspect which methods suit your company to make the marketing processes much more efficient. 3 Kb

Marketing Budget Template

Marketing budget is a planning tool that helps ensure that a given marketing campaign is realistically estimated and financed. A person responsible for budget development and cost projection can use this Marketing Budget Template to plan and estimate marketing expenses. 4 Kb

Marketing Campaign Template

This Marketing Campaign Template is likely to be a necessary guide for those people who are going to plan a new event for promoting and advertizing a product or service. The following template demonstrates a series of marketing campaign guidelines that help you set goals, develop a strategy and summarize your campaign. 5 Kb

Marketing Collateral Template

The more time a company spends on proper marketing collateral, the less effort and the fewer resources it will have to spend on selling its products and services. This rule is the major idea highlighted by the Marketing Collateral Checklist. The checklist explains how to use marketing collateral in strengthening product sales. 4 Kb

Marketing Communications Template

If you want your firm to be flourishing and successfully operate in the market you need to understand how to establish good rapport with your target audience. Use this Marketing Communications Template to learn key steps for building communications with your customers. 5 Kb

Marketing Event Templates

This marketing event template is designed for all potential marketing event planners who would like to organize and manage arrangements for promoting and advertising their companies, services or products. The given marketing event plan template contains tips and recommendations that will be helpful in order of organizing and managing any arrangements in the sphere of marketing, including marketing event management, facilities, PR etc. 6 Kb

Marketing Letter Template

This Marketing Letter Template will be helpful for those people who wonder what components are included in a typical marketing letter and how to write the letter content. It includes a list of tasks to develop the document. It also gives some tips and suggestions. 5 Kb

Marketing Materials Template

For reaching the customer audience the marketing department of your company should know which marketing materials are best for current campaigns and scheduled promotion events. This Marketing Materials Template will help your department with choosing between a set of available marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards, flyers, catalogs etc. 4 Kb

Marketing Mix Template

This Marketing Mix Template will be helpful to those managers who need inventing their own marketing mixes to promote their companies, brands and products. With a help of this template you will learn this conception and consider its elements. 4 Kb

Marketing Plan Template

This Marketing Plan template will be helpful to everyone who needs to approach prospective sponsors or investors, as this template provides you with a general review of essential marketing plan elements. With a help of this effective Marketing Plan template you can study reviews of the sections usually included into a typical marketing plan structure. 4 Kb

Marketing Project Template

This Marketing Project Template is composed to help marketers and business owners in their efforts at promoting their products, brands or companies. Using this template you will answer a series of questions which will help you to build up your project. 5 Kb

Marketing Proposal Template

This Marketing Proposal Template is created to be helpful for business executives who are in charge of searching some new opportunities for improving their current marketing policies. In this template you will find ideas and suggestions on how to elaborate a marketing strategy matching the current situation. 3 Kb

Marketing Research Template

If you want to know how your business can best sell products or services, you need to learn to research and investigate your markets and customers. In this Marketing Research Template you can read about the key components of the process. 4 Kb

Marketing Skills Template

The content of this Marketing Skills Template includes brief descriptions of basic skills required for successful marketing, sales and advertizing. It also gives tips and suggestions on how to train such skills. You can use the Template as a starting point on your way for a successful marketer career. 4 Kb

Marketing Strategy Template

Writing a marketing strategy is one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of product development and launching. The given below marketing strategy template was designed to help marketing professionals and business managers consider this aspect and create an effective marketing strategy plan .Business Negotiations Template

Advertising campaign template

Marketing Tactics Template

The following Marketing Tactics Template will help you understand basic methods and techniques of tactical marketing. It explores seven marketing tactics (such as Networking, Website, Collateral, others) that can be utilized by almost any business. The template is recommended for people specializing in market research and analysis. 4 Kb

Marketing Techniques Template

Marketing Techniques Template is composed for business marketers and salespersons who want to improve and intensify their sales by mastering better marketing techniques. In this template you can find a list of basic marketing techniques which are principal to each specific marketing method. 3 Kb

Market Assessment Template

Market assessment is an analytical process that provides start-up healthcare and life scenarios for companies. This process focuses on the analysis of customers, products, competitors and partners. Read the following Market Assessment Template to find out how to carry out the assessment process. 3 Kb

Market Entry Template

A market entry strategy is primarily used by companies that wish to enter foreign markets. Such a strategy proposes the best method(s) of delivering a product or service to a new market. Read this Market Entry Template to find out how your business can establish sales in a foreign country. 3 Kb

Market Opportunity Analysis Template

Market opportunity analysis enables a business to identify opportunities within an existing or new market and to thoroughly understand the segment structure, competitive landscape, customer needs and technologies. Read this Market Opportunity Analysis Template to explore the basic steps of performing the analysis. 3 Kb

Market Penetration Strategy Template

How do you think how to define the need for a penetration strategy and what criteria to use in selecting a market for entry? And what items to consider when planning for a penetration project? All these questions are answered in this Market Penetration Strategy Template. Use the template in strengthening your market position. 3 Kb

Market Readiness Template

Is your business ready for your market? This Market Readiness Template will help you to determine whether you are ready to service customers. It will also show you areas where you may need to improve your service. Use the template as an additional guide in planning your marketing campaigns. 3 Kb

Market Report Writing Template

When a market survey is coming to an end, there is a need to write a report that summarizes the research data and provides some recommendations for consideration. Read this Market Report Writing Template to find out how to create a typical report for market research. 4 Kb

Market Segmentation Template

The concept of market segmentation generally determines how a product or service can be best promoted among a targeted group of customers. This concept is widely used by various businesses to market their brands. Read this Market Segmentation Template to find out how to follow the concept in 3 basic steps. 3 Kb

Market Share Analysis Template

Market share analysis helps explore the percentage of all sales within a given market that is held by one product or service of a company. It aims to provide an understanding of how well the company is operating in the market. Read the following Market Share Analysis Template to find out how to carry out this kind of analysis. 3 Kb

Market Sizing Template

Sizing the market is a necessary activity for business and marketing planning as it determines the market potential for an organization and helps figure out whether this organization can reach its target audience. Read the following Market Sizing Template to find out how to estimate size of your market. 3 Kb

Market Survey Template

A market survey is a great way to research a given market and gain insight into customers and competition. It allows using simple questions and questionnaires to find out what respondents think about the market. Read this Market Survey Template to learn about how to carry out a survey in your market. 3 Kb

Market Study Template

This Market Study Template is created for marketers who need to start a new study on different aspects of the market where their companies operate. With a help of this template you can be guided on different areas where you will need to make a research in. 3 Kb

Market Visit Report Template

The following Market Visit Report Template explains what information should be included in a typical market report. It also describes what steps need to be taken to organize a market visit. The template is designed for ad agents and salespeople who take responsibility for promoting products and services through the method of market visiting. 3 Kb

Advertising Campaign Template

Commercial organizations conduct various advertising campaigns aimed to involve people in purchasing as much as possible. Well organized advertising campaign should inspire people to active actions, cause the emotional response and induce them to buy the goods or services. Use The Advertising campaign Template to organize fine advertising campaign.Business Negotiations Template

Advertising campaign template

Competitive Analysis Template

Competitive analysis process is a critical part of your marketing plan because it allows you to find out what makes your product or service unique and how to excel your competitors in more loyal customers. Read the Competitive Analysis Template to get more information on this point. 5 Kb

Competitive Environment Analysis Template

Competitive environment analysis template is created to help business managers who want to clarify needs of their customers, investigate situation within market, research existing competitors and find out competitive advantages that will help to overcome them. 3,2 Kb

Email campaign Template

Email is one of the most powerful and convenient marketing tools available for small companies. With help of emailing, the businesses can cost-effectively strengthen existing relationships, initiate new partnerships and convert one-time visitors (buyers, members etc.) into long-term customers.  The email campaign Template will show you how to establish successful relationships with partners and customers through emailing.

Inbound Marketing Template

Inbound marketing is a new methodology based on innovative technologies. Internet serves as the driving force for this methodology. Businesses can use inbound marketing to "get found" by target customers. Read this Inbound Marketing Template to learn more on this point. 3 Kb

Go-To-Market Template

When your organization is ready to launch a new campaign in a new market, it\'s critical to develop a go-to-market plan that explains how to act in the market and what key issues to solve. Read this Go-To-Market Template to learn more on this point. 3 Kb

PEST Analysis Template

PEST analysis (also called STEP) is well-known method of researching macro-environmental factors that influence business. PEST analysis Template is created to help business managers with environmental scanning within company strategic management and includes a range of macro-environmental factors (Political, Economical Social and Technological factors) that should be carefully researched and analyzed. 3,5 Kb

Route-to-Market Template

Developing a route to market means knowing where you will market your product or service, who will purchase it, and how to reach the target audience. Read this Route-to-Market Template to learn to develop your route to market. The template is best used with VIP Organizer software. 3 Kb

SWOT Analysis Template

This SWOT analysis template is dedicated to popular method allowing business managers to analyze external and internal environment of their organizations and projects. This method requires building SWOT analysis diagram to outline Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to analyze their impact on your business and to adjust your long and short-term planning with real situation. This SWOT analysis template will explain you how to use this method in your business practice, learning positives and negatives related to your organization. 4 Kb

Target Audience Analysis Template

Through implementing a targeted advertising strategy your business is able to focus on a selected audience which consists of loyal customers who are ready to purchase your products and services. Read this Target Audience Analysis Template to find out how to indentify the target audience of your company. 3 Kb

Viral Marketing Template

The term 'viral marketing' is a buzzword that means the development of a marketing campaign that creates a network of people to transfer ad messages to individuals within their sphere of influence. Read this Viral Marketing Template to find out how you can use viral marketing for your business. 3 Kb

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