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Skills Development Templates

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Skills Development Templates

Anger Management Template

This anger management template is composed for everyone who ever gets angry (actually for all normal human beings in the world) to provide them with a better understating of what is nature of anger and how it can be controlled. Anger is our normal and usually healthy emotion, but sometimes it may go out of our control and cause some problems harming our personal or social life. With a help of this anger management template you will know how to identify if you have some problems with your anger and how you can overcome them. 6 Kb

Career Development Template

Thinking over promotion on a career ladder, it is not necessary to create the detailed plan. You should have a vision whom you wish to become and what skills and abilities you want to learn.

Career Development Template

Daily Health Template

Any person who wants to be healthy needs to follow basic daily health habits that let plan daily health care routine. The given Daily Health Template helps you learn how to become healthy and make your day more productive. 4 Kb

Discover Perfect Job Template

This Template "to discover the job you were born for" is intended for everyone who wants to find his/her real calling in life and to choose the job that suits his/her nature and psychological peculiarities. This Template offers you a set of ideas how to study your real aims and talents in order to give you inspiration to find a job that you were born to do. 3,7 Kb

Fitness Template

This fitness template is designed for people who would like to improve their bodies to become physically fit, but do not know how to start yet. If you are ready to work hard at becoming healthier and stronger, then you need proper mindset, adherence to right goals and right fitness plan to achieve them. This fitness template tells you how to get prepared, how to manage your trainings and get started! 4 Kb

Getting Organized Template

Getting Organized template is a 'to do list' for you to organize your personal and professional life. Use this Getting Organized template as a Template to increase your effectiveness and success that depends much on how organized your life is.getting-organized Template

To Do List for Getting Organized

Goal Setting Template

"How to set goals?" is one of the most critical questions in the field of management. Managers and team leaders want to know how goals can be efficiently set and achieved. The given below Goal Setting Checklist will give pieces of goal setting advice and guide you through the process of setting and managing goals. 5 Kb

Job Interview Preparation Template

This job interview checklist ( interview template for applicants ) can be helpful for all job-seekers who want to make a positive first impression and convince the potential employer of their personal and professional strengths. This interview template is one of the fullest interview guide s on the Web as far as it explains interview tips on all pre, during and post interview activities, preparations, behaviors etc. 3,7 Kb

Job Search Templates

Multiple job search techniques and strategies are based on proper planning of job hunting activities. That’s why you need to develop an action plan and follow it to earn the best job opportunities. Use the given below job search template to effectively plan and manage your job search effort. 4 Kb

Oral Presentation Template

This oral presentation template is an all-round oral presentation guide delivering you appropriate recommendations on how to organize your presentation to make it memorable, comprehensive and methodically correct. With learning and using oral presentation do and don'ts explained in this document, you will be able to streamline your delivery to match proper timing and to refine content of your presentation in order of making it comprehensive. This oral presentation template explains what skills make you a good speaker, and what aspects you need to focus on. 7 Kb

Quit Smoking Template

This quit smoking template is created to prepare smokers to withdrawal. Many ex-smokers tell that quitting was one of the hardest tasks they have ever done, so you need to prepare yourself mentally and methodically. You can use a special quit smoking guide (such as this quit smoking template) to get some recommendations for smokers on how to get rid of this popular addiction causing adverse influence on your organism and reducing your overall quality of life. 3 Kb

Personal Hygiene Template

This personal hygiene template explains personal hygiene basics which should be followed by everyone who wants to look better, feel better and reach his own better health. It is necessary to fight against harmful bacteria, bad smell and for better look if you want to have more confidence in yourself while living in modern society. This personal hygiene template will give you a number of useful recommendations and tips on how to follow regular hygiene routine. 3 Kb

Self Assessment Templates

This self assessment template is composed with a purpose to give employers and HR specialists a self assessment guide for conducting all-round analysis on personal attitudes of a subjected person through self assessment test. This self assessment template can be used for composing more specific self assessment matrix working as an instrument for gathering data in order of achievement self assessment goals like finding ways for self-improvement, resolving interpersonal conflicts and adaptation in a team. 7 Kb

Self Improvement Template

This self improvement template can be helpful to anyone who is not really sure if he behaves and lives in the best possible manner, but would like to consider which personal traits and attitudes can be enhanced to strengthen his social and personal positions, and to reach his self-improvement in terms of health, mentality and personality. Study this self improvement template to know what it actually means, and to get some useful recommendations and self improvement advice on your physical and mental health. 8 Kb

Picnic checklist

SMART Planning Template

SMART is traditional and effective method of goal setting which will help you to obtain clear understanding of your project goals. SMART method is popular because it is easy, comprehensive and helps people to avoid dangerous mistakes in business and personal planning. SMART planning Template is intended to guide you through your objectives and priorities statement according to this well-known method.

Stress Management Template

The given below Stress Management Template was designed to help HR managers and team leaders to fight stresses of employees in their companies and create a healthy work environment in which employees can do more jobs feeling less stressed. 6 Kb

Weight Loss Template

Too much eating and drinking make lives of many people harder because those people get overweighed and suffer from problems with their health. The given Weight Loss Template is not just one more diet program but it is a checklist of tasks that you can do to strictly follow your best diet and convince yourself of the need to lose overweight. 5 Kb

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