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Project Management Templates

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Project Management Templates

Project Acceptance Template

This Project Acceptance Template is designed to assist project managers in their efforts to make sure that the project’s outcomes meet the acceptance criteria. With a help of this template you can move from one project item to another to check if everything is all right. 3 Kb

Project Accounting Template

Project Accounting Template is designed to assist the project managers in establishing accounting process on their projects to track execution of project budgets and cash-flow. With a help of this template you can learn what actions you need to continually do when accounting project costs and transactions. 3 Kb

Project Activities Template

In order for you to reach the most effective use of project resources (such time, HR and funds), you’ll need to organize your project into a series of consistent activities that define the content and nature of project work. In this Project Activities Template you can learn what groups of activities can be included in your project. 4 Kb

Project Agreement Template

Project agreement is a document that specifies basic items for consideration by parties involved in a given project. This document serves as a statement of the project’s legal and operational reasonability. The following Project Agreement Template explains what tasks to do to develop the document. 3 Kb

Project Analysis Template

Project Analysis Template is composed to guide the project managers who want to give a proper analysis to their projects before they are started and while they are in progress. With a help of this template you can analyze project’s background, environment, organization and other factors. 4 Kb

Project Appraisal Template

The following Project Appraisal Template is designed to help you assess and evaluate your project by a range of criteria, such as Relevance and importance, Validity of assumptions, Methodology acceptability, Stakeholder competence, and others. 3 Kb

Project Approval Template

This Project Approval Template is designed for assisting project managers on approving different project matters, including customer benefits, return on investments and much more. With a help of this template you can approve your project as successful, matching its objectives and requirements. 3 Kb

Project Archive Template

Project Archive Template is created to aid the project managers in collecting and systematizing the project documents, including all final project deliverables, communicational materials, and other documents (e.g. procurement-related, work planning, project management, etc). 3 Kb

Project Artifacts Template

This Project Artifacts Template is a list of project matters that a success is normally based upon. If you, as a project manager, take care of all these artifacts, then they will surely take care of your project’s success. 3 Kb

Project Assessment Template

Project assessment activity allows you to measure overall efficiency of your project as well as efficiency of individual project stages and processes to ensure that the project is running as desired. Read the Project Assessment Template to learn which processes within your project should be assessed. 3 Kb

Project Assurance Template

The purpose of project assurance is to provide stakeholders with an objective assessment of the way the project is managed, review performance against baseline measures, and respond to risks that may fail delivery of business benefits associated with the project. Read this Project Assurance Template to learn more on this point. 4 Kb

Project Audit Template

This Project Audit template will be useful to everyone who wants to compose his own project audit plan or just learn how the body of this process is organized. This Project Audit template is a guide through different questions, such as what this process stands for, what tasks it includes and what outcomes it delivers. 7 Kb

Project Balance Sheet Template

Project Balance Sheet Template is composed to assist the project managers and their assistants in collecting and managing information for the balance sheets of their projects (a balance sheet is a document that gives a snapshot of a project’s financial health at a point in time). 3 Kb

Project Benefits Template

Project Benefits Template is composed to help the project managers and organizations to develop their projects in a really workable manner – in a benefit-concentrated way enabling them to stay on the right track to a project’s real goals. This template helps you to pursue project benefits correctly. 3 Kb

Project Bid Template

Project Bid Template is designed to help organizations that need to bid for projects. With a help of this template you can cope with the process of bid documents submission (drafting your project bid letter and receiving bid bond) and participation in project bidding until the bid opening event. 2 Kb

Project Billing Template

Project Billing Template will be useful to any organization that wants to be contracted as a project performer. Any project should be billed for and paid by the customer, so with a help of this template you can organize proper invoicing for the work you do, along with tracking bills collection. 3 Kb

Project Breakdown Structure Template

Project breakdown structure (PBS) explains what work effort should be made to complete project goals and produce deliverables. This Project Breakdown Structure Template explains what phases and activities are included in a typical PBS. The template will help you better understand the project management process. 4 Kb

Project Brief Template

Project Brief is a formal document that provides a full and firm foundation for authorizing startup of a project. It aims to prove that the project is ready for initiation and planning. In this Project Brief Template you will read about key steps for creating the document. 4 Kb

Project Budget Template

Project Budget Template is composed to help the business managers in creating the budgets for their projects. With a help of this simple template you can learn an algorithm of steps to prepare, estimate and source a budget for your project. 3 Kb

Project Business Case Template

When a project enters the initiation phase the first step the project manager needs to take is to make sure that there’s a well structured business case document that explains the reasons for project start and the problem to be solved. The following Project Business Case Template explains how to develop this document. 3 Kb

Project Business Plan Template

Project Business Plan Template is composed for business owners and project initiators who need to document feasibility and manageability of their future projects. By use of this template you can structure your project business plans that will help you to transfer your ideas into practical actions 4 Kb

Project Cancellation Template

Project Cancellation Template is composed to support project managers in shutting their projects down (in terminating their projects premature) due to certain reasons. With a help of this template you can qualify your reason, try to avoid cancellation, and finally cancel your project appropriately if nothing else can be done. 3 Kb

Project Capacity Management Template

The term "project capacity" refers to the maximum amount of work that a given project is capable of accomplishing within a given period of time. Managing project capacity means planning and controlling allocation, consumption and performance of project resources, including time, people and funds. Read this Project Capacity Management Template to learn more. 3 Kb

Project Cash Flow Template

Project Cash Flow Template is created for project managers and organization which need to retain and operate considerable cash reserves on their projects. In this template you can find a number of useful tips on how to secure your cash-flow from being wasted. 3 Kb

Project Change Management Template

Change management is a section of project management that includes formal processes and procedures for integrating and managing changes in the project throughout its lifecycle. Change management has significant impact to project planning and managing. To control the process of change management in the project, you can follow the Template belowRisk Management Template 4,2 Kb
Change management template

Project Characteristics Template

This Project Characteristics Template lists key characteristics of a project. All the characteristics are organized into these groups: Requirements, Schedule, Resources, Quality, and Risk. The template aims to help project managers and analysts to understand and develop their projects in terms of basic parameters and characteristics. 3 Kb

Project Charter Template

The content of this Project Charter Template is developed in accordance with commonly used methods, techniques, rules and the best practices of project management. The template focuses on describing basic steps to developing a project charter document. roject organization. 3 Kb

Project Closeout Template

The project closeout phase is the final phase within the traditional project life-cycle. Closing out a project requires using several documents and following basic activities. Read the Project Closeout Template to learn more about closeout documents and procedures. 4 Kb

Project Closure Template

This Project Closure template will be highly helpful for every project manager who wants to learn and accomplish successfully all the project closure activities to go through this process effectively. This Project Closure template comprises a to-do list for closing a project, conducting necessary project closure tasks, finalizing documents, and other essentials. 4 Kb

Project Communication Template

If you want your project to be successful, you must be sure that there are good communications established between project participants. Because communications greatly define success of your project, you need to know what to consider when planning for the project. Please read this Project Communication Template to learn more. 3 Kb

Project Completion Template

This Project Completion template will be helpful to project managers who wish to get baseline guidance for getting their projects correctly accomplished, without unfinished tasks and unclosed issues remaining behind. This all-round Project Completion template explains many aspects to consider for ensuring that the project is fully accomplished, including administration, budgeting, quality, resources, etc. 4 Kb

Project Contingency Plan Template

Any kind of project involves some portion of risk. To determine and manage risks, project managers need to analyze risks before and during their projects, as well as develop effective contingency strategies that help ensure project success and delivery. The following Project Contingency Plan Template explores several key steps you can take to develop a contingency plan for your project. 3 Kb

Project Contract Template

In this Project Contract Template you will read about key steps you can take to develop a contract document for your project. Each of the steps of the template is specified with a number of action items so it will be easier for you to understand how to perform the steps. 5 Kb

Project Control Template

Project Control Template is designed for project managers who essentially need keeping attentive control over their projects. By applying this template you can determine whether your project suits the plans on working progress, deliverables, objectives and quality measures. 4 Kb

Project Coordination Template

This Project Coordination Template is composed to support companies which drive two or more interrelated projects and need someone who can coordinate efforts at these projects. With a help of this template you can study the tasks related to project coordination practice and also some duties of the Project Coordinator’s role. 3 Kb

Project Cost Management Template

A project succeeding is the primary indicator of appropriate costs control. Often many project managers consider cost management as a simple control system. However cost management of the project is more than control. Costs are a vital factor in all phases of the project, and well-grounded project management directly impacts upon cost management success. The project cost management Template enable s you to estimate potential costs and design balanced project budget. Risk Management Template

Project Cost Management Template

Project Criteria Template

Project Criteria Template is created for the project managers, who want to examine their projects in terms of reasonability, profitability, feasibility and eligibility. With a help of this template you can test out your company’s projects to learn whether they comply with the common criteria on suitability. 3 Kb

Project Deadline Template

Setting and managing deadlines are the key topics highlighted in this Project Deadline Template. The template explains how to reach effective deadline management in project environments. It is designed as a simple list of tasks. You can upload and use it in VIP Organizer software. 3 Kb

Project Debrief Template

This Project Debrief Template is created for all project and business managers who need to gather some information on how the employees appraise the project infrastructure and management. With a help of this template you can know what can be improved in future. 3 Kb

Project Decision Making Template

Project Decision Making Template is composed for project stakeholders and participants to help them in decision-making and problem resolution. With a help of this template you can analyze background of future decision, plan decision making process, and after all make the right decision. 4 Kb

Project Definition Template

Defining a proposed project means exploring all aspects of this project to examine relationships between project activities, events, durations, and costs. This Project Definition Template will help you understand how to define your project and what aspects to consider. 4 Kb

Project Deliverables Template

This interview checklist for interviewers ( interview checklist template for employers ) can be helpful for all managers who are interested in hiring a new employee and want to organize interviewing the candidates. This interview template for managers is a full interview guide explaining interview tips, recommendations and samples on the activities, preparations, behaviors etc. In other words, this interview checklist template will help you to organize the interview in the best possible manner. 6,5 Kb

Project Delivery Template

When your project enters the delivery stage there are multiple aspects to be considered to ensure success of the project. In this Project Delivery Template we describe the key aspects to help you understand what to do within the stage. Please read the template to learn more. 4 Kb

Project Deployment Template

This Project Deployment template will be helpful to everyone who wishes to deploy the project (deliver and implement its product at customer’s/user’s site) successfully. This universal Project Deployment template can be applied to all kinds of projects, as it does not adhere to any specific industry or business, but comprises the basics of this process, essential documents to prepare, the main procedures to complete, etc. 4 Kb

Project Design Template

Project design is a general phase in most kinds and types of project to create a framework for further project development and implementation. It is similar to the project planning phase. The following Project Design Template explains major steps you can take to perform the design phase. 4 Kb

Project Development Template

The process of developing a new project can be divided into a number of key stages, such as Concept Generation and Scoping, Planning and Design, and others. In this Project Development Template you will read about all the stages and learn what tasks you can do to accomplish each of the stage. 4 Kb

Project Documentation Template

The first section of this Project Documentation template gives you a brief overview over the project documentation samples which are necessary to inspect the documentation portfolio of your project to reach its completeness, and the second section of this Project Documentation template is all-round guidance through the process of organizing a proper project documentation management. 4 Kb

Project Due Diligence Template

This Project Due Diligence Template is created to help executives who need to establish audit of their projects to make sure everything is in place. With a help of this template you will learn some possible kinds of audit. 3 Kb

Project Engagement Template

This Project Engagement Template will be helpful to all project managers who need to check how well available project elements and resources are involved into the workflow and processes. In this all-round template you will find a lot of essential items to be monitored on a project, including manpower, customers and technology. 3 Kb

Project Escalation Template

Project Escalation Template can be utilized when a project manager faces a problem that needs a higher level of authority for resolution. With a help of this template you can establish a process for project problems escalation to address them to senior management levels which possess appropriate grade of competence. 3 Kb

Project Estimation Template

This project estimation template will help you identify whether objectives and goals of your project are met. You will learn to design project estimation formulas to calculate labor and non-labor costs, as well as define effort and duration of your project . 6,5 Kb

Project Evaluation Template

Systematic project evaluation surveys and project monitoring activities are the keys to successful project management. Project evaluation allows accumulating information and building knowledge required for project analysis and reviewing. Use this project evaluation template to evaluate your project and its characteristics. 6,5 Kb

Project Execution Template

Project execution is the longest phase in project life-cycle and it consumes the majority of financial and human resources allocated to project, so project team should clearly understand this phase and take right actions to execute project tasks considering any project execution risks and problems. The project execution template can be used by project managers as guidelines to carry out the phase.

project-execution-checklist 7,2 Kb

Wedding Photography Checklist

Project Executive Summary Template

Project Executive Summary Template is created to support project initiators in their efforts for composing introductive sections of their project business plans (executive summaries). With a help of this template you can learn how your executive summary should be composed and how it should be formatted for better readability and credibility. 3 Kb

Project Feasibility Template

Any project always starts with assessing its feasibility and practical implementation. If you’re going to run a new project you need to conduct a study to make sure the project is executable and cost-effective. Read this Project Feasibility Template to find out more on how to investigate your and report on its feasibility. 3 Kb

Project Finance Template

This Project Finance template is about learning the workflow for planning costs and incomes, creating Project Financial Plan, and supporting your project to enable it surviving financially, and as a result getting your project’s overall goals achieved, and revenues secured. This Project Finance template is not a detailed project finance tutorial, but rather a guide through the project finance basics and process. 8 Kb

Project Follow-up Template

This Project Follow-up Template presents general guidelines and suggestions on project implementation. It explains how to manage changes, scope, costs, risks, time and quality during the course of a project. The Template is best used with VIP Organizer software. You can try both the template and the software for free (30 days). 4 Kb

Project Forecast Template

Through implementing the forecasting process an organization in enabled to predict possible troubles with its projects and reach higher efficiency in project management. This Project Forecast Template explains how companies can use forecasting to make their project performance better. 4 Kb

Project Gating Template

Project gating is a process of auditing and controlling every stage of a project to ensure that this project remains effective and beneficial when stepping through next stages. The following Project Gating Template explains what tasks can be done to complete the process and ensure effective project development. It focuses on such getting steps as Idea Screening, Plan Audit, and Implementation Control. 3 Kb

Project Governance Template

Project governance can be described as a range of certain roles and duties to be assigned to people and organizations having an impact to or interest in your project. The following Project Governance Template outlines those roles and duties. 3 Kb

Project Handover Template

During your project, it may become required to replace your project manager with a new person. Then several basic project handover steps should be taken. Read the next Project Handover Template to learn more about the project handover procedure. 3 Kb

Project Health Template

Project health check is the way to determine optimization potential in managing projects. By reviewing project health, you can diagnose your project to uncover hidden problems and find ways for optimization. Read the Project Health Template to learn more on this topic. 4 Kb

Project Human Resource Planning Template

This template was created to help with Human Resource Planning performance. This business process is extremely important for managing human resources involved into certain project. The appropriate human resources which possess essential skills to perform their project roles are indispensable condition of successful project. This general project human resource planning template can be easily modified and elaborated according to user's specific requirements. Project Management Template

Advertising campaign template

Project Identification Template

Project Identification Template is created to support organizations which need to certify business cases for launching new projects and developing associated business opportunities. With a help of this template you can score and rank candidate projects, as well as estimate resources to undertake each project. 4 Kb

Project Implementation Template

Even the most considered project plan is just a stack of paper if it’s not associated with a detailed plan for implementation. Such a plan contains a set of project implementation procedures, describes ways to mitigate project implementation risks, and solves potential project implementation challenges. Read this Project Implementation Template to create sufficient project implementation models to initiate, manage, control and close your projects. † 6,5 Kb

Project Inception Template

In the Project Inception Template you can read about key steps for preparing your project to the implementation process. Each of the steps includes a range of tasks. The template will be helpful for people involved in planning and evaluating your project. 3 Kb

Project Initiation Template

This project initiation template is developed to give you an overview of project’s initiation basics. Project initiation process is critically important, because it finalizes the project preparation attempts, making the project completely approved by its stakeholders and finally justified in terms of numbers and documentation, to be valid for practical execution. This project initiation template is a brief guidance for organizing project initiation efforts appropriately – project initiation workflow and all the related deliverables. 6 Kb

Project Inspection Template

This Project Inspection Template is made for all project managers to help them in organization of project inspections making sure that project’s manpower, facilities and processes are successful and effective, so the results of the project are secure. Using this all-round template you can learn what things need to be inspected and how you can do this. 4 Kb

Project Integration Management Template

Project Integration Management Template is created for the project managers to help them in coordinating multiple aspects of a project to incorporate them into a coherent working process. By use of this template you can manage resources, baseline documents, changes, and other important aspects in an integrated manner. 3 Kb

Project Issue Management Template

The following Project Issue Management Template explains you how to identify, determine, overcome and report issues and problems that have a critical impact to your project. The template is intended to help you recover and improve your project. You can upload and use the template in VIP Organizer. 3 Kb

Project Justification Template

Project Justification Template can be used by the project managers to help them in justifying their projects in terms of reasonability, profitability and feasibility of their projects. In this template you can find points to approve your project as effective, low-risk and advantageous in all concerns. 3 Kb

Project Launch Template

This Project Launch template can guide a project manager to inspect his project and clarify if their team has everything essential at hand, so that the committee of project’s stakeholders has all rights to greenlight the project launching (practical execution according to plan and background documentation). Study this Project Launch template to clarify if your project is ready and fully supported to get started practically. 3 Kb

Project Lifecycle Template

This Project Lifecycle Template is composed to assist you in managing your projects in terms of classic model that explains a project’s life as comprising four phases. This template contains tips for you to manage your project via its initiation, planning, execution-controlling and closure. 4 Kb

Project Management Template

Project Management template is a 'to do list' for project managers to deliver projects effectively. Use this Project Management Template as a step by step guide to put your project plans together. Project Management Template

Project Management Template

Project Management Plan Template

This project management plan template is designed to help beginner project managers who would like to get a framework on project management plan theory and its components. With a help of this project management plan template you will learn which matters should be expounded in project management plan paper in order to represent methodically well-supported project to stakeholders and get project management plan approval. 6 Kb

Project Mapping Template

Project Mapping Template is created for project managers and sponsors who need to schematize their projects in terms of all related aspects. With a help of this brief template you can accomplish visualization of relations between project activities, risks, resources, manpower, etc. 3 Kb

Project Matrix Template

Project matrix is used to combine all project data (such as time, activities, costs, resources etc.) into a single tabular sheet that helps plan the project and make management decisions. The following Project Matrix Template explains key steps you can take to develop such a matrix. The template is recommended for use in VIP Organizer software. 4 Kb

Project Metrics Template

This Project Metrics Template gives examples of project metrics organized by key categories, including Time, Cost, Quality, Risk, others. Project managers can use the template to find out what metrics can be designed and used to measure and evaluate their projects. 4 Kb

Project Migration Plan Template

Migrating a project means moving the project from the existing operational environment into a new one, with assurance that the project remains effective under new requirements. In this Project Migration Plan Template you will read about tasks and activities you can do to plan for effective migration of your project. 3 Kb

Project Milestone Template

Using milestones (special reference points in the project schedule highlighting important interim events occurring during the project lifecycle) will help you keep your project healthy and ensure it is done appropriately per implementation phase. In this Project Milestone Template you will learn how to use milestones for managing and monitoring the project. 3 Kb

Project Mitigation Plan Template

 Project Mitigation Plan Template is created for project mangers that are in charge of learning and handling risks on their projects. With a help of this template you can follow a list of tips that will guide you on defining and responding the risks. 3 Kb

Project Mobilization Template

Because any of your projects causes a change you need to be ready to mobilize resources necessary for implementing the project. Read this Project Mobilization Template to learn how to mobilize your resources and get the project prepared for implementation. 0 Kb

Project Monitoring Template

The following Project Monitoring Template is designed to help project managers to track and monitor progress of their projects against major constraints, such as scope, schedule, cost, quality, risks and procurements. 4 Kb

Project Negotiation Template

In this Project Negotiation Template you can read about three steps of the negotiating process. The steps are Review, Negotiate and Communicate. The template will be helpful for project managers and other staff involved in project planning. 3 Kb

Project Onboarding Template

Transferring an existing project to a new organization can be successfully managed by carrying out the onboarding process. The following Project Onboarding Template gives a definition of this process and describes five steps for getting projects on-board. 4 Kb

Project Orientation Template

Project Orientation Template is composed to support the project managers in representing new team members to their projects, so these new team members can be painlessly adapted within the project environment. In this template you can find tips on how to orient new employees in working and administrative aspects. 4 Kb

Project Phase Template

In the world of project management you can find many sources that show you how to initiate, plan, execute, control and close projects. One of the simplest ways to understand project phases and life cycle is to use templates and Templates. Use this template to find out how to develop a comprehensive project phase plan and carry out it in practice. † 6,5 Kb

Project Planning Template

This Project Planning Template is a sample list of tasks that should be done on Project Planning stage by a project team. With a help of this template you learn some examples of work that needs to be assigned to team members.Project Management Template

Project Management Templates

Project Portfolio Template

 If an organization runs several projects and programmes that are linked to each other completely or to some extent, it is reasonable for the organization to combine all the work into a portfolio that creates a framework for reaching project effectiveness. In this Project Portfolio Template you will read about key steps you can take to develop and manage your project portfolio. 4 Kb

Project Preparation Template

Project Preparation Template is designed for the project managers to help them in checking level of readiness in their projects. With a help of this template you can complete a pre-launch inspection of your project and its elements to make sure everything essential is in place and ready for work. 2 Kb

Project Prioritization Template

Prioritized projects are always delivered with higher performance because their resources are best used and their activities are effectively planned and sequenced. In this Project Prioritization Template you will read about key steps you can take to prioritize resources and activities of your project.

project-prioritization-Ů 3 Kb

Project Procurement Management Template

Often projects require involvement of the 3rd parties to fulfill the project needs. These are external to the project vendors provide materials/parts and render services. Procurement management has significant role within the project management allowing to properly plan, perform and close products or services acquisition. Use the project procurement management Template to learn how to do it. Risk Management Template

Project procurement management template

Project Profitability Template

Project Profitability Template is designed to assist the project managers and project owners in planning and controlling the level of profits which they expect to earn from their projects. With a help of this template you can plan and secure an appropriate degree of profitability for your projects. 3 Kb

Project Progress Template

To be a successful project manager who knows how to control projects and use project progress measurements, you need to collaborate and communicate with your project team by means of regular project meetings and status reports. This Project Progress Template will help you organize project progress meetings and create status reports. 0 Kb

Project Proposal Template

This project proposal template describes sections which are usually included into project proposal schedule that is necessary to represent a need for taking certain actions, to expound and justify them, and as a result to convince the reader(s) to agree and approve realization of the recommended solution. This project proposal template explains each of the elements you need to elaborate in order of making your proposal consistent and credible. 4 Kb

Project Quality Template

Project quality assurance definition is not so easy to understand, as quality is the hardest thing to track and quantify while running a project. This project quality Template will help you organize project quality management aspects. You can read recommendations in this project quality management Template to create your project quality management plan example and manage, control and monitor quality of your next projects. † 6,5 Kb

Project Quality Management Template

The quality management is a significant part of project management that provides a mechanism to detect defects early and improve the overall quality of project product. Use the project quality management Template to improve productivity and motivate team participants to produce better quality deliverables. Risk Management Template

Project Quality Management Template

Project Quotation Template

In order to give a quote to your project, you need to figure out what kinds of resources and in what quantity are required for reaching project completion and producing all planned deliverables. In this Project Quotation Template you will read about key costs to be taken into account when determining price for your project. 3 Kb

Project Readiness Template

This Project Readiness template is an instrument for project managers, which includes the two main sections: one is dedicated to inspecting project’s readiness before starting its practical execution, while the second part of this Project Readiness template explains what aspects to check before release of the project results (go-live). 4 Kb

Project Realization Template

Read this Project Realization Template to learn key stages and tasks of the realization process. The template is designed for project managers to help them understand how to perform the process. It includes such categories as Setup, Design, Build and Close. Please use the template as an additional guide when planning for project implementation. 3 Kb

Project Release Template

This Project Release Template will be helpful to all project managers who need to check all the project outputs and essentials before delivering their results to public or owners. With a help of this template you can approve project results in terms of their configuration, readiness and appearance. 3 Kb

Project Report Template

It is impossible to efficiently summarize and finalize a project without having developed a comprehensive and informative report. In this Project Report Template you can learn a common structure of project reports. You can also read some tips and suggestions that aim to help you avoid common mistakes in report writing. 4 Kb

Project Request Template

For an organization that runs one or more projects it is vital to have a process for requesting for new projects before these projects are proven to be feasible and cost-effective. Such a process allows the organization to focus on right activities that bring value and produce desired outcomes. This Project Request Template explains how to carry out the process. 3 Kb

Project Requirements Template

Requirements management is a part of the project planning phase to define, manage, and evaluate project requirements. The next Project Requirements Template will show you basic steps to manage requirements of your project. How to plan and evaluate requirements of your project. 3 Kb

Project Resource Tracking Template

Project Resource Tracking Template is designed to support project managers and their assistants in their efforts focused upon controlling use of project resources. With a help of this template you can track project work, time and costs. 3 Kb

Project Resource Planning Template

Project Resource Planning Template is composed to help the project managers in estimating the resources which they need for completing their projects on-time and on-quality. With a help of this template you can determine HR, administrative and material resources. 5 Kb

Project Resource Allocation Template

The following Project Resource Allocation Template explains you how to optimize resource loading, level project resources and control resource consumption and utilization. The template is designed as a simple to-do list that includes tasks organized into such categories as Work Decomposition, Resource Leveling, Resource Prioritization, and Control. 3 Kb

Project Resource Template

Labor, equipment, inventories, people, technology are examples of resources that are required to do a conventional project. This Project Resource Template explains how to plan for all types of project resources effectively. It is designed for project managers and other senior staff involved in project planning activities. 3 Kb

Project Review Template

The given Project Review Template shows you a simplified project review cycle that consists of the three stages: Project Planning Review, Project Management Review, and Project Reporting Review. Use this template to efficiently monitor your project. 4 Kb

Project Risk Identification Template

Risk identification is a necessary process that allows increasing chances for successful project completion and reducing the probability of occurrence of unexpected results and situations. Use the given below risk identification template to learn more. 5 Kb

Project Risk Management Template

Risk is a potential probability of suffering loss. In project development, the loss assumes the impact to the project which could be in the form of reduced quality, extra costs, procrastination, or even failure. Risk Management is a complex of methods and controlling measures aimed to prevent risks and reduce their negative consequences over the project. Use Risk Management Template to find out what type of risks you should manage and, therefore, to eliminate or minimize risk outcomes. Risk Management Template

Risk Management Template

Project Roadmap Template

Project Roadmap Template is created for the project managers who want to compose effective roadmaps explaining their projects to stakeholders, financiers or community. In this template you can find a set of steps to ensure that your project’s roadmap is an effective presentation of it. 3 Kb

Project Safety Template

This Project Safety Template describes key aspects of safety management in projects. It is designed to help safety coordinators to specify safety procedures, plan for inspections, and provide appropriate training to personnel. 5 Kb

Project Schedule Template

This Project Schedule template is designed for everyone who needs to create a good schedule, as proper project schedule quality directly works for seamless completion of the project, as well as well-constructed budget and working plan. This Project Schedule template will assist you on designing and composing an effective time-related plan of your project. 5 Kb

Project Scope Template

This Project Scope template is a detailed overview of elements necessary for delivering an effective project scope statement which is a fundamentally important document ensuring seamless and smooth flowing of the rest of the project. This Project Scope template is an attempt to provide you with an all-round project scope analysis to explain not only the baseline elements of this extremely important document, but also its purpose, goals and issues. 4 Kb

Project Scorecard Template

Scorecards help summarize and evaluate information about a project. The following Project Scorecard Template provides general guidelines and suggestions on how to develop a typical project scorecard. You can use the template when planning for your projects. The template is suggested for use in VIP Organizer software. 3 Kb

Project Scoring Template

Project Scoring Template is composed to support organizations in rating their candidate projects by their success factors. With a help of this template you can appoint objective scoring to different aspects of a candidate project to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and to define whether it suits your standards. 3 Kb

Project Security Template

This Project Security Template is created for project managers to assist them in ensuring safety and security of all project assets and resources, including staff, equipment and information against risks and threats. With a help of this all-round template you can make sure that everything goes well on your project. 3 Kb

Project Selection Template

The Project Selection Template is designed to help project leaders and planners to evaluate new project initiatives in terms of needs, stakeholder interests, ROI, and team selection. It is best used with VIP Organizer software. 3 Kb

Project Specification Template

A project specification is an essential part of project design to state how the project should be performed to ensure that it meets preset goals, follows established assumptions and constraints, and produces desired outcomes within defined scope. Read this Project Specification Template to learn key steps for developing project specifications. 4 Kb

Project Spending Plan Template

Project Spending Plan Template is composed to help project managers and executives who are responsible for cost management. In this simple template you can find a list of activities necessary for effective and accurate control over the project spending. 3 Kb

Project Sponsor Template

Project Sponsor Template is composed to reason the duties and tasks of a sponsor who wishes to be really helpful for his project. With a help of this template you can establish effective sponsorship on a project, where the sponsor is not only a provider of financial resources, but plays a number of important roles as well. 3 Kb

Project Synopsis Template

Project Synopsis Template is made to help the project managers who want to compose narrative summaries of their projects. There is no a commonly agreed plan yet on creating a project synopsis, but in this template you can find a layout of the most demanded components of a project synopsis. 3 Kb

Project Staffing Template

When a new project is initiated it is required to estimate and define human resources required to perform the project and complete project objectives. The following Project Staffing Template explains how to manage for the staffing need. It includes such categories as 1) Recruitment, 2) Planning, 3) Orientation & Development, and 4) Remuneration & Evaluation. 3 Kb

Project Startup Template

Project startup is a transitional period when senior management decides on initiating the project and defining its basic characteristics. The following Project Startup Template will let you learn how to successfully pass through this transitional period. 4 Kb

Project Status Template

Tracking status of your project is a vital activity that lets you estimate the health of the project in terms of planned goals, scheduled timeframes, resolved issues, mitigated risks, etc. Use this Project Status Template to learn how to monitor and measure status of your project. 4 Kb

Project Status Meeting Template

The following Project Status Meeting Template guides you through the basic steps for entering a project status meeting, making necessary preparations to support the meeting, and developing an agenda that highlights key action items. The template will be helpful for senior project staff as well as other employees involved in status reporting. 4 Kb

Project Steering Committee Template

Project Steering Committee Template is composed to help companies in forming up responsible and qualified committees to oversee and champion their projects in a continuous and confident way. With a help of this template you can assemble such a committee, appoint a qualified leader to be its head, and manage its functions. 3 Kb

Project Summary Template

Project summary is a short description of a project’s goals, objectives, and benefits. It explains reasons for launching the project and aims to convince the sponsor that the proposed project will bring about desired results. The following Project Summary Template identifies key steps to be taken to develop a project summary document. 3 Kb

Project Sustainability Template

A sustainable project is the guarantee that the project goals are met and its results fit into expectations of stakeholders. In this Project Sustainability Template you will read about the basic principles of project sustainability and learn how to make your project sustainable.

project-sustainability-Ů 3 Kb

Project Tailoring Template

In this Project Tailoring Template you can read about key steps for tailoring your project to the business needs of your organization and incorporating it into the process environment. The template will help you plan and develop new projects while considering your current process environment. 4 Kb

Project Team Selection Template

Project Team Selection Template is created for the project managers and supportive staff to help them in forming up teams that are qualified and powerful enough to carry out project tasks. With a help of this template you can complete project charter, elaborate project HR needs, develop criteria for selection and screening candidates, etc. 4 Kb

Project Termination Template

This project termination template can be helpful to everyone who wishes to know the project termination steps, reasons, process and modes. It is extremely important to finalize projects correctly, so that all their resources are properly dismissed & redirected, all documents are complete, checked, and closed, etc. With a help of this easy-to-read project termination template you will learn how to organize and rack this process. 7 Kb

Project Testing Template

Testing a project is a consistent process that aims to evaluate the project against strategic alignment, resource compliance, process measurability and environmental flexibility to confirm that the project is feasible and economically reasonable. The following Project Testing Template explains key steps of the process. 3 Kb

Project Timeline Template

Project Timeline Template is composed to assist the project managers in their aspiration to create a good timeline documents for their projects. In this template you can find tips on how to prepare a timeline and ascertain that it is comprehensive enough. 3 Kb

Project Tracking Template

To succeed in project management, you will need to learn what project tracking means and how to track projects. Many successful project managers realize importance of project tracking process and use templates to manage this process. The given below project tracking template will help you control and supervise the course of your project. 6,5 Kb

Project Transition Template

This project transition template gives you a complete review over the main processes that should be established on your enterprise to ensure effective handing over the projects from the executers to support, operation or implementation teams. Effectiveness of this procedure is an important factor assuring further prosperity of your company as lots of defections may happen on the stage of project transition. Using this project transition template will help you to prevent them. 4 Kb

Project Turnover Template

Project turnover makes your project more vulnerable and unpredicted. This Project Turnover Template is designed to help you consider key reasons for project turnover and develop a project mobilization checklist for fighting negative impacts of the project turnover process. 3 Kb

Project Update Template

This Project Update Template explains how to identify, request, approve and control changes and updates to projects. A person responsible for change management and control can use the template as an additional guide. The template is designed for senior project teams and other staff members involved in the update process. 3 Kb

Project Validation Template

Project Validation Template is a tool that can assist all organizations in screening out projects that do not fit through multifaceted criteria of compliance. With a help of this template you can establish this process, as well as prepare your projects for successful validation against applicable standards. 4 Kb

Project Variance Report Template

Project Variance Report Template is composed to help you in creating and using special project variance worksheets (reports) which are utilized to calculate and measure the difference between actual and planned indicators of the project – this template contains algorithm of essential actions. 2 Kb

Project Vetting Template

Vetting a project means examining and evaluating the project to confirm its usefulness and cost-effectiveness. It is a process that aims to ensure that the proposed project is worth of initiation. By reading this Project Vetting Template you can learn about how to carry out the vetting process for your projects. 4 Kb

Project Viability Template

Project Viability Template is designed for all project & business managers who seek for principal activities that will help them to secure viability of their projects. In this template you can find a set of common tips to ascertain that your project can produce a maximum of its benefits, and you can consider all your actions as suiting or contradicting the project viability. 3 Kb

Project Work Template

The following Project Work Template lists a range of guidelines and tips to help you with planning work of your project. It is designed as a simple to-do list, so you can use VIP Organizer software to complete all the tasks of this to-do list. 4 Kb

Project Workshop Template

This Project Workshop Template is designed for project managers and their deputies who need to plan for workshop sessions. The template explains what key items to include an agenda, how to distribute this agenda and what actions to take to keep the course of the workshop controlled. 2 Kb

Agile Template

Today agile techniques and methods are widely used in projects for software application development. If you want to learn how the agile methodology can help you manage your software projects, you can read the outlined below Agile Template. 5 Kb

Construction Project Template

This Construction Project Template guides you through the four basic processes of designing, financing, legalizing and procuring common construction projects. In this template you will learn how to design a project plan, undertake construction project tracking activities, etc. 4 Kb

Establishing Project Office Template

Establishing an efficient Project Office environment is crucial to the project succeeding. To create a complete project office environment, you can use The Establishing Project Office Template that describes all required tools and processes usually included in a Project Office. You may use this document "as is" or add and remake some items to meet your particular business circumstance. Risk Management Template

Establishing Project Office Template

Establishing Sponsorship Project Template

The Template for establishing sponsorship projects is designed for managers who seek for a sponsorship partner. It guides around such issues as sponsorship goals, cost allocation in sponsorship projects, promotion, and more. 6,5 Kb

Developing Project Schedule Template

Establishing an efficient Project Office environment is crucial to the project succeeding. To create a complete project office environment, you can use The Establishing Project Office Template that describes all required tools and processes usually included in a Project Office. You may use this document "as is" or add and remake some items to meet your particular business circumstance. Risk Management Template

Developing Project Schedule Template

IT Project Template

This IT Project Template is created for professionals who want to ensure that they are on the right track while collaborating with their customers. With a help of this template you can learn how to communicate with the customers effectively, how to collect their requirements, and how to deliver a conception to match their project vision.  

it-project-Ů 4 Kb

Lessons Learnt Template

Lessons learnt are the key elements that make your project examined from initiation to closure to ensure high performance and to document knowledge for continuous improvement. Read the given below Lessons Learnt Template to find out how to use lessons learnt methodologies for continuous improvement of your next projects. 6,5 Kb

Kickoff Meeting Template

The project kickoff meeting is a practice of communication management within projects to allow stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of project objectives and learn methods for achieving project goals. Use the next Project Kickoff Template to learn how to organize such a meeting. 4 Kb

Managing Outsourcing Project Template

The benefits of a successful outsourcing project lies in definition of adequate objectives, selection of right partner, discussion of outsourcing agreement and many other aspects. To be able to manage the outsourcing project, the project manager must carefully analyze the project to mitigate risk and maximize reward. Use The Managing outsourcing project Template to get started your outsourcing project. Managing Outsourcing Project Template

Managing outsourcing project template

Prince2 Project Template

This Prince2 Project Template is created for people who need applying this methodology used by UK government. With a help of this simple template you can learn the main processes and activities embedded into Prince2 methodology which is widely used in different industries. 4 Kb

Pre-Project Template

Pre-project is a common term used to describe a range of activities required to prepare a project for further planning and development. In this Pre-Project Template we describe those activities. You can use the checklist to initiate and prepare your projects. 4 Kb

Project Take-off Template

Project take-off means a process of starting a project and preparing it for further development and implementation. The following Project Take-off Template explains how to set up and start projects. It is designed for people involved in initial planning and development of project activities. 0 Kb

Post-Project Template

When your project comes to an end you need to get prepared for some steps to be taken after successful completion of the project. By reading this Post-Project Template you can find out what exactly you should do to deploy the project and hold a post-project meeting. 3 Kb

Progress Report Template

This Progress Report Template is created to support people who are involved into controlling and analyzing work progress made over a job or project. With a help of this template you can learn what items you need to organize before you can effectively control the progress. 3 Kb

Sample Project Template

A sample project can be organized through planning sample project activities and sample project documents. You can use the following Sample Project Template to organize such a project and plan its basic activities and key documents. 5 Kb

Scrum Template

This Scrum Template is an all-round review on this popular and effective methodology of project management widely used in software development as well as in many other industries. This Scrum Template is a brief Scrum guide which can lead you through the fundamentals of this great method, such as Roles, tasks on Sprints and daily agenda, constraints and assumptions, etc. 6 Kb

Six Sigma Project Template

This Six Sigma Project Template is composed to help business managers in implementing this famous business management approach to reduce number of defects. With a help of this template you can learn two major methods involved – DMAIC and DMADV. 5 Kb

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