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Employee Management Templates

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Employee Management Templates

Employee Activity Monitoring Template

Activity monitoring helps company's management to be aware of what employees do during workday and whether they do what they should do. The managers should remember that activity monitoring may cause negative reaction from employees. And that's why it is important to know how to conduct monitoring and create monitoring policy. Use this template to find out principles and rules for developing activity monitoring policy. 4,3 Kb

Employee Agreement Template

Employee Agreement Template is made to aid all business owners in composing employment contracts, so rights of the both parties can be reasonably protected. 3 Kb

Employee Appraisal Template

Employee Appraisal Template is composed to guide workforce and project managers in their efforts at assessment of their staff members objectively, with a help of the most popular methods. 2 Kb

Employee Attitude Survey Template

Employee attitude survey is a good chance to assess opinions and morale of the employees in an organization. Most often such surveys are performed anonymously in the form of questionnaire. There is also a method of face-to-face interview. The employee attitude survey template shows you how to organize the survey and which method is be to used.

Employee Behavior Template

Employee Behavior Template will be equally helpful both to employees and employers, as it contains information on how to behave at the workplace to be successful. 2 Kb

Employee Benefits Template

Employee Benefits Template is designed to help employers in reviewing a variety of benefits that make their employees satisfied and increase their morale. 2 Kb

Employee Compensation Template

Employee Compensation Template will be helpful to all employers who want to review the structure of costs incurred by employee compensation. 2 Kb

Employee Competency Template

Employee Competency Template is composed for HR managers and business owners who wish to design appropriate criteria for assessment of their employees and candidates. In this template you can find different categories of competency, including technical and administrative skills. 3 Kb

Employee Development Template

Employee Development Template is composed to support all enterprise managers in planning and controlling development of their workers (including training programs and self-education). 2 Kb

Employee Documents Template

Employee Documents Template is composed for HR specialists who need to gather and keep all related documents together. 3 Kb

Employee Engagement Template

Various employee engagement practices will help you build more committed and productive workforce. Use this template to achieve employee engagement success by creating an emotional connection that stimulates your employees to exert greater efforts to their work. 4,6 Kb

Employee Evaluation Template

This Employee Evaluation template can serve as a guide for business and HR managers who would need to create their own Employee Evaluation types suitable to their specific business needs. Use this Employee Evaluation template to study a number of useful guidelines that can help you to design effective Employee Evaluation survey in terms of your business. 4 Kb

Employee Exit Template

This Employee Exit template can serve you as a guide through the operation of the Employee Exit Procedure that is extremely important. The Employee Exit Process described in this Employee Exit template can help you to identify and correct hidden organisational and management problems, ensure the return of your organization’s property, and organize a proper handover of working and administrative matters to a newly employed person, or someone who can maintain duties of exiting employee until a new one is recruited. 5 Kb

Employee Feedback Template

Employee Feedback Template is designed for business and project managers who wish to provide their workers with effective feedbacks. In this template you will find how to organize and conduct a special meeting (feedback session). 2 Kb

Employee Folder Template

Employee Folder Template is made to assist you in gathering and categorization of the employment documents which are to be kept in separate files. 3 Kb

Employee Handover Template

When you are about to be replaced by a new employee, you need to be ready to hand over your tasks and duties in a competent manner. Use this Employee Handover Template to learn how to manage the handover process and avoid unforeseen problems related to new replacement. 3 Kb

Employee Handbook Template

The aim of this Employee Handbook Template is to help commercial organizations to develop an employee handbook document that includes all necessary information about policies and standards of corporate employee management. Please use the template as an additional guide for developing your employee handbook. 4 Kb

Employee Hiring Template

Employee Hiring Template is a 'to do list' for HR managers, hiring managers, department heads and company owners to systematize the process for hiring employees.

Employee Hiring Template

Employee Joining Template

Employee Joining Template is designed to support all employers who need to orientate a new staff member in the organization, so he can feel himself comfortable and welcome. 2 Kb

Employee Induction Template

Employee Induction Template is composed to help employers to adapt new employees in their organizations seamlessly, starting from day one. 2 Kb

Employee Information Template

Employee Information Template will be helpful to employers and HR specialists who seek gathering personal details from their new staff members. 2 Kb

Employee Investigation Template

This Employee Investigation template is created for managers who wish to know how they can deal with employee misconducts in order to prevent similar accidents in future and investigate backgrounds for current ones. This Employee Investigation template can help you to learn some solutions on how to deal with misconducts operatively, consistently, fairly, and quickly, without leaving them unattended. 5 Kb

Employee Motivation Template

Today, employee motivation is one of the greatest issues facing any industry and demands the attention of management in any successful company. When it comes to retaining and motivating the work force, the aim should be to mitigate stress, improve employee’s vision of organizational goals and compensate better. The result: employees work harder and customers become more satisfied. Use this Employee Motivation Template to retain and motivate employees in your company. 6,5 Kb

Employee Observation Template

Employee Observation Template is designed to help staff managers to supervise their workers ethically and meaningfully, without senseless and unprofessional quibbling. 2 Kb

Employee Onboarding Template

How to orientate a new employee? This question is the central one among people responsible for employing and orientating new workers. This Employee Onboarding Template is designed to help these people do everything required to introduce and orientate new workers. 5 Kb

Employee Orientation Template

When a new employee starts to work for a company, his first day is the most difficult. The purpose of the company management is to provide the new employee with all necessary information. This Template helps the managers to orientate the employee in new environment, introduce him to new community and give him job duties and instructions. 6,5 Kb

Employee Performance Template

Employee Performance Template is composed to support team leaders and business managers in their efforts at monitoring and appraising performance of their subordinates. 3 Kb

Employee Procrastination Template

"How to avoid procrastination" is very important question in business, because putting off, delaying or defering commitments can seriously harm company reputation, frustrate business plans and reduce income. This "stop procrastination Template" is designed to help business managers and team leaders in accurate and resolute dealing with procrastination in order to beat this phenomenon in the bud. 6,5 Kb

Employee Productivity Template

This Employee Productivity Template is designed to help HR managers and team leaders to consider factors that influence employee productivity and to show how to measure productivity. The template determines 6 employee productivity factors and 3 employee productivity index metrics. 3 Kb

Employee Records Template

Employee Records Template is created for business manager and HR specialists who would like to control whether all essential employee records are maintained, like new hire, payroll, etc. 4 Kb

Employee Reference Template

This Employee Reference template provides assistance on learning and applying the procedure of requesting employee references from the old employers of a candidate (in order to perform Employee Reference check). This Employee Reference template will provide you with necessary explanation of process’s workflow and some guidelines to reach excellence. 4 Kb

Employee Relations Template

Employee Relations Template is composed to support company owners and managers in their efforts to establish effective relationships between them and their subordinates, as well as between employees themselves. 2 Kb

Employee Relocation Template

This Employee Relocation Template is created for business administrators to deliberate their own procedures for relocating employees – this important business process may be required when it is necessary to delegate a specialist(s) to some distanced place in order to create short or long-term business presence there. This template will explain different aspects of this procedure. 4 Kb

Employee Resignation Template

This Employee Resignation template is an informative tool guiding you through the basics of this process when an employee decides to leave his/her employer. This Employee Resignation template also provides you with some reasons for workers to leave and how to avert them for minimizing the staff turnover in your organization. 4 Kb

Employee Retention Template

For every succeeding company it is highly important to retain employees and keep them productive and satisfied with their job places. The following Employee Retention Template describes the key aspects of employee management surveys and also gives several suggestions on improving working environments. 4 Kb

Employee Review Template

To evaluate skills and competencies of employees, companies usually organize yearly meetings that help analyze employee review ratings and determine areas for improvement. This Employee Review Template focuses you on major steps to managing an employee review meeting. 3 Kb

Employee Safety Template

This Employee Safety Template is designed to assist enterprise managers in organizing on-the-job safety programs in their companies to assure that health of their workers is properly secured. This Employee Safety Template briefly explains benefits of effective on-the-job safety system, and gives you recommendations on how to arrange such a system in your company. 5 Kb

Employee Selection Template

This employee selection template is dedicated to attaining effectiveness in decision-making while trying to select the most suitable candidate from a large pool of job seekers, so the right man can take the right position in organization. With a help of this simple employee selection template, business managers will be able to study some of the main employee selection tools, methods and guidelines allowing reducing costly employee turnover. 4 Kb

Employee Separation Template

This Employee Separation template is composed to assist organizational managers to arrange the process of employee resignation in an effective and comprehensive manner. With a help of this Employee Separation template you can learn through essentials of this process, such as different branches of paperwork to complete and some administrative steps to pass. 4 Kb

Employee Skills Template

  Employee Skills Template is designed for business executives who wish to assess skilling of their employees in order to provide them with appropriate workplace, salary options, and further development program. With a help of this template you can accomplish skills inspection of your staff members easily. 4 Kb

Employee Termination Template

Employee Termination Template includes a series of employee termination tips to help your company fire employees legally. As a manager, you can use this template to simplify workflows of your HR department and make everything possible to usefully follow employee termination steps. 3 Kb

Employee Training Plan Template

Whether you are going to organize a continuous program or one-shot training course, the questions listed in this Training Plan Template will stimulate your thinking. Use the checklist to learn challenges which you may need to resolve in setting up the training plan. 0 Kb

Employee Transfer Template

Employee Transfer Template is designed to help organizations in relocating their employees from previous workplaces to alternative ones (as alternative to dismissal), because of company reorganization or modernization. 2 Kb

Employee Transition Template

Employee Transition Template is designed to support all business managers who are interested to relocate a new employee from previous workplace to their current organization successfully. 3 Kb

Employee of the Month Template

Employee of the Month Template is designed for company managers who want to start this motivational contest in their organizations. Template advises on how to make this competition transparent and purposeful. 2 Kb

Employee vs Independent Contractor Template

Employee vs Independent Contractor Template is designed to help the managers who seek to find out the difference between the status of employees and contractors. 2 Kb

Developing Human Resource Strategy Template

This Template is designed for human resource professionals who wish to make contribution to the strategic management and HR development of the company. The Template brings main points for defining personnel critical issues and building action plan to develop HR strategy.

Developing Human Resource Strategy 5,2 Kb

Effective Group Collaboration Template

Generally, high performance of project teams is based on how the team members collaborate with each other and how well they communicate with the team leader. This Template answers the question 'What makes the teams collaborative?' and let you create effective collaborative group of people. Effective Group Collaboration Template 3,7 Kb

Efficient Team Building Template

Advertising takes one of the pivotal roles in marketing system of company. Companies invest a lot of money into advertisement to promote and sell their products and services. This Template is aimed to help companies to hold efficient advertising campaign.

Efficient Team Building Template

Harassment Policy Development Template

A good anti-discrimination and harassment policy is critical in protecting an organization against harassment and discrimination lawsuits. The following tips in the Template will let you know the basis for developing the policy in order to keep your company out of legal problems and save dignity of the staff members. 4,6 Kb

Gap Analysis Template

Gap Analysis Template is created for all business and project managers who want to identify and evaluate gaps they have between the current situation and desirable state of affairs (this may relate to organizations, projects, processes, etc). 2 Kb

Job Analysis Template

When you have identified labor shortages for a specific job or a set of jobs in your company, your first step in solving this problem is to start job analysis and make job analysis assignments. The given below Job analysis template will guide you through the process of gathering, investigating and using information on jobs and tasks of your employees to help you generate job improvement solutions. 4 Kb

Job Evaluation Template

This job evaluation template will be helpful to senior and middle managers who want to attract, retain and encourage their employees by offering equitable remunerations for jobs they do. This template explains the job evaluation principles, facts and methods. After studying this job evaluation template you will obtain understanding of why you need to determine relative worth of jobs in your organization and how this can be performed simply. 5 Kb

Job Interview Template

This interview checklist for interviewers (interview checklist template for employers ) can be helpful for all managers who are interested in hiring a new employee and want to organize interviewing the candidates . This interview template for managers is a full interview guide explaining interview tips , recommendations and samples on the activities, preparations, behaviors etc. In other words, this interview checklist template will help you to organize the interview in the best possible manner. . 6,5 Kb

New Employee IT Template

New Employee IT Template is composed to orient IT managers in setting up new workplaces for their new hires, so they can execute their tasks successfully with a help of proper computer means. 2 Kb

New Employee Paperwork Template

New Employee Paperwork Template is created to help all employers in completing formal procedures which are necessary to hire a new worker. 2 Kb

New Employee Payroll Template

New Employee Payroll Template is composed to assist employers in adopting their new workers in terms of taxation and financial issues. 2 Kb

Personnel Treatment Template

The personnel treatment Template describes how to deal with your employees so they feel satisfied with their job. This Template includes common tips which need to be considered when you want to retain good relationships with your employees and gain good results from their work. The personnel treatment Template is not exhaustive and you can easily modify and supplement it. 6,5 Kb

Personnel Turnover and Retention Template

Better management of workforce turnover involves assessment of the amount and types of turnover that are acceptable within specific industry. Managing staff turnover and retention explores possible reasons for turnover and allows to consider what organization management can do to retain more staff. This Template is created to help HR managers and team leaders to better understand and manage staff turnover 3,5 Kb

Planning Recruitment Process Template

The process of recruitment is vital in any organization ensuring that the organisation has the people for implementation of its strategy and objectives. Use this Template to efficiently invest your time and efforts into planning process of recruitment. The Template helps to find the right person for the job, minimize labor turnover and enhance competitive advantage. 6,5 Kb

Staff Training Template

Sales Presentation Template is a 'to do list' for you to arrange everything that you will need during your sales presentation. Use this Sales Presentation template as a Template to take into account the smallest details that will help you to create successful impression upon the potential customer.

Staff Training Template

Pre-Employment Screening Template

Pre-Employment Screening Template is created to help the HR and company managers in approving the best job applicants as reliable and straight personalities with a robust background (in terms of finances, civil history, etc). 2 Kb

Staff Reduction Template

The Staff reduction Template (Employee layoff template) contains the items to be considered and actions to be taken when it is a necessary to plan and implement staff reductions. Although each situation is unique, this Template demonstrates basic elements and actions to discharge employees. 6,5 Kb

Successful Leadership Practice Template

Progressive and successful leadership practice Template will be useful for organizational managers who would like to analyze and improve leadership approaches and qualities. This Template consists of tips that should be considered in order to obtain proper relationships with subordinates and ensure good practice in corporate leadership. 2,4 Kb

Team Leader Template

What skills should I have to become a good team leader? How to build and develop a team? What tasks and duties will I need to do once having become a team leader? All these questions are answered in this helpful Team Leader Template. 5 Kb

Team Management Template

Team management basics refer to a set of activities (such as motivation, conflict resolution, performance improvement, and training) to turn a group of individuals into a team of professionals who can work collaboratively and follow shared goals. Read the Team Management Template to basic learn team management tips. 4 Kb

Team Productivity and Effectiveness Improvement Template

Team Productivity and Effectiveness improvement Template is intended for business and enterprise managers who would like to create proper environment for their personnel. This Template tells what should be done in order to increase employee accountability and motivation, improve team and work organization and ensure stable growth of team productivity . 6,5 Kb

Telework Management Template

Teleworking gives a range of potential advantages for both employers and employees. Today, teleworkers make up to 10% of the US workforce, and the number of teleworkers is increasing each year. This Template shows you what should be considered and assessed in order to organize a telework team and outline key point of the telework policy 4,2 Kb

Workforce Planning Template

A methodical process that helps you develop a framework for making human resource management decisions and setting workforce planning metrics according to your organization’s mission is called workforce planning. The outlined workforce planning template will give you ideas about recruiting, retaining and training your workforce. 4 Kb

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