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Process Management Templates

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Process Management Templates

Business Process Hierarchy Template

Business Process Hierarchy Template is made to help business managers who wish to identify taxonomical places of their process within organizational structure, and also to define hierarchies of their internal process matters, such as workforce, resources, etc. 2 Kb

Business Process Performance Template

Business Process Performance Template is designed for the business managers who need to keep their business processes under accurate supervision. By aid of this template you can learn all factors affecting execution of your process, deploy control over them, and check practical outcomes. 4 Kb

Business Process Flowchart Template

Business Process Flowchart Template is composed for business owners and executives who seek to represent their business processes vividly. With an assistance of this template you can study the main flowchart figures and learn how they should be used to draw the chart of your process. 2 Kb

Business Process Discovery Template

Business Process Discovery Template is created to help the business managers who want to find undiscovered steps and interactions hidden behind the poor controllability, or to discover processes which stay undocumented yet. 3 Kb

Business Process Design Template

Business Process Design Template is composed to aid the business managers who seek creating the optimal design for their business processes. By using this template you can plan procedures, products, methodology and controls for your processes. 3 Kb

Process Alignment Template

Aligning processes is a complex activity that aims to ensure every process follows a preset direction and addresses required problems. The following Process Alignment Template describes five basic steps for ensuring process alignment. The template is recommended for use in VP Organizer software. 3 Kb

Process Audit Template

This Process Audit template will be helpful when you want to inspect and examine some business process for compliance and efficiency of functioning (to make sure that its different elements are effective, including HR, regulations and equipment). This Process Audit template comprises a list of essential procedures, and provides a process audit example (Process Audit check-sheet). 5 Kb

Process Automation Template

This Process Automation Template includes three categories: 1) Process Automation Overview; 2) Process Automation Techniques; 3) Process Automation Tips. Read the Template to find out how to plan and manage process automation in your small company. 3 Kb

Process Change Template

This Process Change Template is created to assist enterprise managers who want to conceptualize and implement business process adjustments. With a help of this all-round template you can study the workflow and ideology of this complex administrative effort. 5 Kb

Process Compliance Template

The Process Compliance Template gives descriptions of key roles and responsibilities of employees involved in managing process compliance procedures. It also describes steps for managing process issues, developing remediation plans, and resolving process compliance deficiencies. 4 Kb

Process Costing Template

This Process Costing Template will be helpful to business managers who want to apply a method of Process Costing – a methodology for accounting production costs on a process of large-scale manufacturing. You can learn this template to know how the algorithm of Process Costing works. 3 Kb

Process Control Template

This Process Control Template will be helpful to all business managers who wish to make their business processes more controllable, and therefore more capable of being improved. With a help of this Template you will obtain a vision of what needs to be done at your business processes in order to increase their manageability and quality. 3 Kb

Process Documentation Template

This Process Documentation Template will be helpful to anyone who needs to document business processes at their companies. With a help of this template you can know why documenting process is useful and what elements need to be properly documented. 3 Kb

Process Development Template

This Process Development Template describes four steps for developing typical processes. These steps are Define process type, Set up goals, Plan for development and Control development. The Template will be helpful for managers involved in planning tasks and workflows in projects. 3 Kb

Process Evaluation Template

Use of process evaluation techniques and tools allows project managers and programme managers to assess process efficiency and investigate reasons for poor process performance. In this Process Evaluation Template the 5-step approach to evaluating processes is listed. 3 Kb

Process Flow Template

The following Process Flow Template gives an overview of flow charts and describes three steps to creating such charts. It will be helpful for people involved in planning and management of various workflows and activities within projects and business. 3 Kb

Process Hazard Analysis Template

Process hazard analysis methodologies are widely used today in various organizations to protect work places and create a safe and productive working environment. Use this Process Hazard Analysis Template to learn what process hazard management responsibilities should be assigned to employees of your company and how to analyze hazards. 3 Kb

Interactive Process Template

This Interactive Process Template is created to help employers and their managers to learn their duties and rights in terms of so called Interactive Process – a dialog between an employee who suffers from certain disability and his or her employer who tries to resolve a question of reasonable accommodations (to facilitate further labour of this person). 3 Kb

Process Improvement Template

This process improvement template is designed for organizational and business managers to help them in analyzing and streamlining business processes employed on their enterprises, as process improvement initiatives can appear extremely profitable for companies as they lead to increasing quality, success rates, and to decreasing of costs. This process improvement template gives you the overview of principles and techniques used in this practice. 6 Kb

Process Innovation Template

Process Innovation Template is designed to support innovative thinking of managers who seek some new ideas for improving their processes by applying new approaches and methods. Using this template will direct your mind in the process of innovative research. 2 Kb

Process Integration Template

This Process Integration Template is created for business managers who wish to reach better level of efficiency through integration of business processes into one consistent chain. With a help of this template you can learn how to raise profitability and manageability of processes, resorting to reuse of resources, transferring of outputs, and consolidation of reporting.

process-integration-˝ 4 Kb

Process KPI Template

Process KPI Template is created to assist the business managers in administering their business processes, so they can implement appropriate controls for reviewing performance. With a help of this template you can learn what kinds of KPIs refer to business processes. 3 Kb

Process Mapping Template

This Process Mapping Template will be helpful to business managers and researchers who would like to visualize workflows of their processes to consider risks and opportunities for improvement. With a help of this template you will be able to decompose and depict your business processes and their essential components. 3 Kb

Process Metrics Template

This Process Metrics Template will help learn sample indicators to measure processes running within an organization. It gives reasons for measuring processes and explains what goals to reach. The template will be helpful for personnel involved in process planning and performance assessment. 3 Kb

Process Modeling Template

This Process Modeling Template is created for managers who want to create a model of a business process. In this template you will find recommendations on how to get prepared and accomplish this effort.  

process-modeling-˝ 3 Kb

Process Monitoring Template

Process Monitoring Template is designed for business executives who need deploying a system to control their processes. With a help of this template you can work through the main areas of process performance, impact, participants, organization and risks. 3 Kb

Process Planning Template

This Process Planning Template is an all-round guide on creating and planning business processes in terms of their inputs, outputs and workflow. This template will be useful to all those who needs to establish definite well-designed processes at their enterprises. 3 Kb

Process Problem Solving Template

Process problem solving is a procedure that aims to identify, analyze and resolve problems that have a critical impact to process performance. This Process Problem Solving Template explains how to perform such a procedure. The template is best used in VIP Organizer software. 3 Kb

Process Profitability Template

Process Profitability Template is composed for business managers who need to reach the optimal profitability level on their processes. With a help of this simple template you can optimize, control and manage your business processes for their better profitability (to secure and monitor it). 3 Kb

Process Qualification Template

This Process Qualification Template is composed to guide the business executives in their efforts aimed to qualify how well their products are developed, engineered, designed and produced. With a help of this template you can give an all-round qualification to all embedded processes. 2 Kb

Process Recording Template

The act of recording a process helps you to create and keep process data for review, analysis and lessons learned. The following Process Recording Template describes goals of recording a typical process, how to get prepared for recording, how to record, and how to analyze records after process completion. 4 Kb

Process Requirements Gathering Template

Collecting process requirements is one of the steps of process management. This step aims to identify and define any constraints, demands, needs and other parameters that characterize a process and establish performance expectations. Read this Process Requirements Gathering Template to find out how to collect requirements of a process. 3 Kb

Process Specification Template

Process Specification Template is created for business executives who wish to describe processes in order to increase their manageability and support their successful operation. With a help of this template you can jointly specify different elements of your business processes. 3 Kb

Process Scorecard Template

In process management, various scorecards are used to evaluate and analyze a business process for feasibility. As a rule, scorecards include a series of measures or criteria that help manage process performance and plan for improvements. Read this Process Scorecard Template to learn what measures to include in a typical process scorecard. 3 Kb

Process Safety Management Template

This Process Safety Management template will be useful for business and safety managers who would like to check their corporate approaches to safety of their business processes in order to re-organize them up to a better level. This Process Safety Management template embraces different essential requirements, safety management elements and guidelines. 5 Kb

Process Scheduling Template

The following Process Scheduling Template explains how to plan and schedule a typical process in six basic steps. The template specifies each of the steps by additional tasks to make it easier for the reader to understand the scheduling procedure. The template can be uploaded into VIP Organizer software for further editing and updating 3 Kb

Process Sign Off Template

Process sign-off is a procedure that includes a series of consistent steps to investigate a process, identify sign-off issues, develop a sign-off schedule and design a sign-off sheet. Such a procedure can be a part of a bigger project. Also it can be a standalone activity. In this Process Sign Off Template you will find out how to carry out this procedure. 4 Kb

Process Tracing Template

This Process Tracing Template will be helpful to the process supervisors and managers who are in charge of formulating and resolving problems in the process performance. With a help of this template you will define a problem, consider its potential roots and find it to resolve. 3 Kb

Process Validation Template

This Process Validation Template outlines basic steps for validating a process. It describes how to assemble a team, plan for validation activities and perform these activities. The template will be helpful for people involved in quality assurance and process compliance. 4 Kb

Process Workflow Template

A typical process workflow includes three steps, such as Setting, Measuring and Analysis. By reading this Process Workflow Template you will find out how to take these steps. The Template is designed as a list of tasks to complete the steps. 3 Kb

Business Process Analysis Template

Business process analysis template is created for business managers who want to study their business processes in order to find the ways for process optimization and improvement. This template explains what to take into account when analyzing a business process. 6,5 Kb

Business process analysis template

Business Process Diagram Template

The following Business Process Diagram Template explains how to develop a diagram of business processes and what key elements (such as inputs, outputs, sub-processes, tasks) to include in such a diagram. The template is designed as a plain to-do list that you can upload and edit in VIP Organizer software. 3 Kb

Business Process Assessment Template

Business Process Assessment Template is composed to aid the business managers in evaluation of their business processes – defining their viability and profitability. By using this template you can assess the process team, products, services, operations and actual execution. 2 Kb

Business Process Optimization Template

Business process optimization template can be helpful for company managers (process owners) who aspire to make business processes, used within their enterprises, more effective and productive. This template consists of main points to be considered in order to establish effective and optimized business process.

BusinessProcessOptimizationTemplate 6,5 Kb

Business Process optimization template

Business Process Review Template

This Business Process Review Template is designed for those business executives who would like to audit their existing business processes to disclose any problems and research on the ways of resolving them. With a help of this Business Process Review Template you can learn the steps for process inspection. 4 Kb

Business Process Plan Template

Business Process Plan Template is made for business owners and managers to help elaborate specific plans of how to organize their process workforce, tangible and organizational assets, and their coordination, in order to get the optimal mutual engagement and use of all process elements for the best business results. 3 Kb

Business Process Presentation Template

Business Process Presentation Template will be useful to business managers who are in charge of documenting business processes, whether newly established or revised. With a help of this template you can present your process in terms of its mission, organization, scope, and other matters. 3 Kb

Business Process Cost Reduction Template

Improvement is the key to reducing costs of a business process. An organization that wants to reduce process costs needs to understand what improvement opportunities are available and then figure out what cost savings those opportunities can provide. Read this Business Process Cost Reduction Template to find out more on this point. 3 Kb

Business Process Compliance Template

The following Business Process Compliance Template outlines a general approach for defining and ensuring process compliance in business organizations. The template includes tasks that help better understand the approach. We recommend using the template in combination with VIP Organizer software. 2 Kb

Business Process Complexity Template

A business process is more complex and hence harder to manage if it involves more activities, resources, people, data, and controls. In this Business Process Complexity Template you can read about the basic measures of process complexity and find out how to best manage complex processes. The template is recommended for use in VIP Organizer software. 3 Kb

Business Process Redesign Template

Business Process Redesign Template is composed for business managers who need to complete a process reengineering effort which is called to drastically change and improve performance of their enterprises. By aid of this template you can justify, prepare and plan your business process redesign. 3 Kb

Business Process Testing Template

Business Process Testing Template is created for enterprise managers who wish to examine their processes to ensure their maximal efficiency and workability. With a help of this template you can plan and control your process inspection and examination. 3 Kb

Business Process Tracking Template

Tracking of business processes comes in three basic steps, such as Process Monitoring, Gaps Analysis, Risk Mitigation and Process Optimization. This Business Process Tracking Template explores these steps and lists tasks of every step. Use the template as an additional guide for planning process excellence. 3 Kb

Business Process Transformation Template

Transforming a business process means creating conditions in which this process appears to be effective and bringing value. The given below Business Process Transformation Template explains how to transform or redesign business processes in 5 general steps. The template is recommended for use in VIP Organizer software. 4 Kb

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