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Holidays Templates

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Holidays Templates

New Year's Eve Template

New Year's Eve template is a countdown ‘to do list’ for you to see the old year out, and the New Year in. Use this New Year's Eve Template to create a wonderful atmosphere for your New Year party.New Year's Eve Template

New Year's Eve Template

Chinese New Year Template

Chinese New Year is one of the most famous holidays celebrated in China and also in other countries over the world. Read this Chinese New Year Template to learn how you can get ready for this holiday and plan a wonderful party. 4 Kb

Valentine's Day Date Template

Valentine's Day date template is a list of things you should do in order to set the proper mood for your date. Use this Valentine's Day Date Template when planning the most romantic evening with your sweetheart. To Do List for Valentine's Day Date

To Do List for Valentine's Day Date

Valentine's Day Party Template

Valentine's Day party template is a 'to do list' you should consider when planning your party. Use this Valentine's Day Party Template to make sure this day goes without a single hitch. Valentine's Day Party

To Do List for Valentine's Day Party

St. Patrick's Day Template

St. Patrick's Day is one of the most amusing and interesting parties for both children and adults. The given below template will help you be prepared for celebrating St. Patrick's Day event. It offers the most popular games and gives some suggestions to create St. Patrick's Day party menu. Also it suggests St. Patrick's Day themes to decorate your house and rooms. Flood template 6,5 Kb

April Fool’s Day Template

Many people in various countries like to organize festive parties and masquerades for celebrating All Fools\' Day. Do you like to celebrate this funniest holiday? The following April Fool’s Day Template is designed to help you get prepared for the holiday. 3 Kb

Passover Template

This Passover Template will be helpful to all those who wish to learn this very traditional Hebrew holiday which commemorates the freedom and Exodus of Jewish people from slavery of Egypt and its imperious Pharaoh. With a help of this Passover Template you can study how this great holiday is celebrated and what traditions it includes. 8 Kb

Easter Template

Easter is a wonderful family holiday that joins people together. The following Easter Template is designed to help families get prepared for the holiday, purchase necessary menu items, and plan a festive party. The template also gives some suggestions on planning traditional Easter dinner. 4 Kb

May Day Template

This May Day Template is designed for those people who wish to study the origins and traditions of this merry festival dedicated to beginning of summertime. Using this Template you will learn the ancient pagan underground of this folk feast, its modern recognition, and some Anglo-Saxon traditions on its celebrating. 3 Kb

Mother's Day Template

Mother's Day is a great occasion for you to give thanks to your mom and grannies and show them through a festive party and gifts how much they are kindly loved and valued. The Mother's Day template guides you through all necessary actions you need to take to plan and organize Mother's Day event in the best way. Baby Needs Template

To Do List for Baby Needs

Memorial Day Template

Memorial Day is a great opportunity for thousands of patriotic Americans to honor those people who have sacrificed so much to the future of their country. Americans like to celebrate this holiday by arranging Memorial Day parades in Washington, DC and other cities and towns in the USA. This Memorial Day template focuses on activities you can undertake to observe the holiday and honor your family members who have died fighting for the country. Father's Day Checklist 7,2 Kb

Father's Day Checklist

Father's Day is celebrated as a day in honor of fathers. In this day children favor their fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, foster fathers, and uncles with special Father's Day gifts to express gratitude for love and affection. Use the Father's Day template to know more about organization of this great family holiday. Father's Day Checklist 6,5 Kb

Independence Day

Independence Day template is a 'to do list' for you to organize and plan ahead one of the most-celebrated holidays among families from United States . Use this Independence Day Template to make your own party sparkle and run smoothly without a hitch. Independence Day Template

To Do List for Independence Day

Parents Day Templates

Parents Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year. This day is a wonderful opportunity for you to honor your parents. People celebrate this great holiday through carrying out various Parents Day activities and making educational efforts in recognizing and supporting the role of parents in the fostering and development of children. Use the Parents Day template to know more about celebrations. 4 Kb

Columbus Day Template

The discovery of the Americas has been made by Christopher Columbus in 1492. To honor this notable person, Columbus Day is observed in the USA. Read the Columbus Day Template to learn how you and your kids can celebrate this event. 4 Kb

Grandparents Day Template

This Grandparents Day template is dedicated to holiday that is appointed on the first Sunday after Labor Day every year (in US it is celebrated in September). Annual celebration of Grandparents Day was officially proclaimed in 1978, but originally it was founded by Marian McQuade who hoped to encourage grandchildren to respect and honour the wisdom and heritage obtained from their grandparents. This Grandparents Day template gives you some useful recommendations and ideas on how to celebrate this wonderful holiday nicely. 5 Kb

Teacher Day Template

Teacher Day is a great opportunity to honor educators by expressing the warmest greetings and giving presents. Read the following Teacher Day Template to learn how parents and students can contribute to the celebration of this holiday. 4 Kb

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day template is a ‘to do list’ for you not to find yourself dashing around when preparing a spectacular feast. Use this Thanksgiving Day Template filled with tips which help you host a smooth and stress-free get-together. Thanksgiving Day Template Templates

To Do List for Thanksgiving Day

Halloween Party Template

Halloween Party template is a ‘to do list’ for you to celebrate this day with horror and fun. Use this Halloween party template as a Template and your kids will remember this party for all their lives. Halloween Party Template Templates

To Do List for Halloween Party

St. Nicholas day Template

This St Nicholas day template is composed to help people to know the real origins of modern popular Christmas personage of Santa Claus. His historical prototype is St Nicholas of Myra who is recognized as one of the greatest Christian saints of orthodox legacy. This St Nicholas day template tells about his deeds and merits, explains real meaning of Christmas spirit, and provides ideas on celebrating the St Nicholas day. 5 Kb

Hanukkah Template

Hanukkah template is a 'to do list' for you to plan and prepare wonderful Hanukkah celebration for your family. Use this Hanukkah template as a template to get all done before the holiday begins and keep the traditions of this merry and bright holiday. Halloween Party Template Templates 8.8 Kb

Hanukkah planning template

Christmas(Xmas) Template

Christmas template is a ‘to do list’ for you to be sure that your Xmas party will be the happiest event of the year. Use this Christmas Template to celebrate this day as carefree as in your childhood. Christmas(Xmas) Template Templates

To Do List for Christmas(Xmas)

Christmas Gift Template

Christmas is one of the most favorite family holidays in most countries. This Christmas Gift Template will help you get prepared for the holiday. It demonstrates what steps can be taken to select and purchase the best Christmas gifts and presents for your family and friends. 0 Kb

Christmas Party Template

This Christmas party template is created for everyone who wishes to get prepared for proper celebration of this great event. It will help Christmas party planners to refresh their minds with some Christmas party suggestions that can be used for their own party planning. This Christmas party template includes ideas on supplies, decorations and entertainments for guests. 4 Kb

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