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Document Management Templates

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Document Management Templates

Document Audit Template

The Document Audit Template gives you a common idea on how to audit and control corporate documentation. Use this template to set a document design policy, control document content quality, and determine rules for document submission. 4 Kb

Document Control Template

This Document Control template will be helpful to all business manages who would like to better flow of documents in their organizations, because this Document Control template explains the basics of this important process that maintains effectiveness of company’s activities: document control objectives, requirements and techniques. 4 Kb

Document Quality Template

This Document Quality template is a plan to establish the process of inspecting the organization’s documents for their correctness and appropriateness in terms of appearance and content, so you can make sure that all your business “papers” are of a proper quality and won’t harm the company’s productivity. This Document Quality template will provide you with advice on how to compose the Document Quality Assurance Plan, and how to establish Document Quality Model. 4 Kb

Document Retention Template

Document Retention Template is composed for business owners who need to study which of their corporate documents need to be archived and stored for prolonged periods of time (to be used by auditors, etc). In this template you can find a list of documents to be stored, and for how long. 4 Kb

Document Review Template

This document review template will be helpful to people who have to check documents for technical correctness of appearance, and distinctness of content. This document review template works as a full document review guide which explains what document review cycle steps, workflow and methods are used to inspect a document in terms of its design, content and appearance, so that it matches certain quality requirements. 5 Kb

Document Revision Template

The following Document Revision Template explains how to review and amend a document in three steps. It will be helpful for people who need to make sure their papers are written and structured correctly and appropriately. The template can be uploaded to VIP Organizer for editing. 4 Kb

Document Planning Template

Document Planning Template will be helpful for enterprise managers who want to supplement internal company workflow with new specific documents or just to gather essential information for existing documents.  This Template includes positions that should be learned in order to plan document's purposes, content, use and roles. 6,5 Kb

Document Proofing Template

Most organizations face the problem of managing changes made to documents. Perhaps your company also has the same problem. If it really does, then the following Document Proofing Template will be helpful. It describes key tasks that you can do to test a business document for appropriateness, usability and readability. 5 Kb

Annual Report Template

Most managers are responsible for writing annual reports that show summary information on operations and demonstrate accomplishments. Use the following Annual Report Template to read annual report "how to" guides and learn a set of tips for annual report writing. 4 Kb

Business Letter Template

Today the question of customer attraction or favorable contract conclusion considerably depends on business correspondence. Besides telephone conversations, online sessions and chats, very often the companies get acquainted with each other and carry on business negotiations via mails and email. Meanwhile negligent issued letters and made errors can become a serious barrier in development of business relations. Business letter Template will help you to create fine correspondence and successfully hold negotiations with your business partners and customers. Employee business trip template 4.3 Kb

Business Letter Template

Business Proposal Template

Writing a business offer means creating promotional content that convinces clients of the need to purchase the best product/service offered. If you want to learn how to write a business offer and plan your business proposal project, you can read and follow tips listed in the given below Business Proposal Template. 4 Kb

Electronic Records Management Template

The Electronic Records Management Template is designed for managers and their subordinates who would like to establish an effective electronic records flow at workplaces. You will find out how to create, name, store and retain records as well as how to manage email records and messages. 4,3 Kb

Partnership Agreement Template

Partnership agreement template can be helpful for business owners who are going to conclude partnership agreement and want to learn what main questions should be clearly considered within partnership agreement document . Avoiding consideration of partnership agreement pros and cons , this partnership agreement template includes main points that should be deliberated in partnership agreement to make it clear and effective for realizing partnership agreement advantages, for avoiding common partnership agreement issues and minimizing risks .

Partnership Agreement 6,5 Kb

Report Writing Template

Any project requires reports so that project participants could review project characteristics, such as progress, deadlines, performance, etc. Being aware of report writing essentials allows you to develop a complete and explicit report on your project. Read the Report Writing Template to learn more. 4 Kb

Report Making Template

As the formalized communications the report on work provides managers with initial information for estimation and the analysis. Frequently, managers get feedback on task status and results of remote employees by receiving report. Using report making Template employees can build fine reports on work done and managers can get good feedback.Business Negotiations Template

Report making template

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