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Business presentation template - To Do List for Business Presentation

To Do List for Project Planning

Business Presentation template is a ‘to do list’ for you to demonstrate most of your presentation skills. Use this business presentation template as a Template to impress your audience.

You can download this template in VIP Team To Do List database format. 25Kb

Task Name
Team Memebers
Category : Support
  • Add to your outline the examples you will use to illustrate, substantiate or liven up.
Olivia Norman, Paige Jones
  • Again check how requirements dictate support
Chris Lee, Christina Winch
  • Consider what other forms of support can add value
Drew Wheeler, Jan Witting
  • Develop backup charts and plan
Ed Arnold, Neal Summers
  • Develop details of examples, stories, statistical support, etc.
Donna Ledbetter
  • Make a test run to ensure graphics quality and capability
Chris Lee, Christina Winch
  • Make sure you know what your graphics production capability is
Donna Ledbetter, Jan Witting, Eleanor Winter
  • Meet printing deadlines
Ed Arnold, Eleanor Winter
  • Now complete your delivery script
Chris Lee
  • Refine graphics to get best effectiveness
Ed Arnold
  • Review/test visual aids
Ross Kline, Jan Witting
  • Transform the concepts from your story board to complete graphics
Jack Grabowski, Eleanor Winter
Category : Stage
  • Again determine what the requirements call for
Sue Tomkins, Paige Jones
  • Arrive at the meeting room enough in advance to check it out on-site
Christina Winch
  • Check out the meeting facility
Ross Kline, Jan Witting
  • Identify and list in detail all staging requirements
Chris Lee, Christina Winch
  • Make sure all presenters know how to use a/v equipment correctly
Gabriella James, Ed Arnold
  • Practice, practice, practice, each time getting helpful feedback and improving
Donna Ledbetter
  • Prepare for rehearsals
Ross Kline, Jan Witting
  • Test all parts of the presentation
Chris Lee, Christina Winch
  • Track and control costs and schedule to ensure you're staying on course
Ed Arnold, Jack Grabowski
  • Use video and speaker coaching to polish your performance
Gabriella James, Ed Arnold
  • Verify all audio-visual equipment will be available and working
Gabriella James
Category : Follow-up
  • Apply lessons-learned to future presentations
Neal Summers, Gabriella James
  • Assign action items and make sure they get completed
Jack Grabowski, Donna Ledbetter
  • Do a personal or team de-briefing about how the presentation went
Jack Grabowski, Donna Ledbetter
  • Make a commitment to sharpen your presentation skills to be better able to advance cause and career
Neal Summers, Gabriella James
Category : Follow-up
  • Deliver with energy, conviction, credibility, personality.
Sue Tomkins, Paige Jones
  • Get mentally prepared
Olivia Norman, Neal Summers
  • Make sure your wardrobe and appearance are appropriate for the meeting
Olivia Norman, Jack Grabowski, Donna Ledbetter
  • Respond to your audience
Olivia Norman, Neal Summers
  • Track the time and meet your target
Ross Kline, Jan Witting

Category : Deliver

  • Check available expertise that can help you
  • Determine requirements, guidelines, dictates, standard procedures
  • Develop your presentation strategy
  • Find out the 5 W's (who, what, when, where, why)
  • Get colleague or management review before proceeding
  • Identify and assess audience
  • Identify resources needed for each task and determine availability
  • List factors associated with meeting conditions that might influence presentation
  • Set a realistic schedule
  • Write out the specific objective - the end product
  • Write out your general objective
Gabriella James, Jack Grabowski, Olivia Norman
Category : Organize
  • Assign times per section and speaker(s)
  • Check how requirements affect organization
  • Choose best topic order
  • Create story board integrating outline with visual aid support concepts
  • Develop detailed outline
Drew Wheeler, Eleanor Winter
  • Develop introduction to get audience on board and focused
  • Develop summary to reiterate main points and ask for the order
  • Focus ideas and information
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