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Event Templates

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Event Templates

After Wedding Template

Wedding planning does not end with the vows. There are "after wedding" activities that you need to plan and organize in advance in order to ensure your after wedding celebration will be best. Read the After Wedding Checklist to find out what things you should take care of after your wedding party is over. 4 Kb

Bridal Template

Bridal template is a 'to do list' for the bride and her assistants to arrange unforgettable bridal shower. Use this Bridal template as a Template to ensure that everything is organized and let the bride and her guests enjoy the party. Bridal Shower Template 5.4 Kb

Bridal Shower Template

Bridal Shower Template

Although planning bridal shower celebration is an honor, it requires a lot of time, preparation and effort. Use the following Bridal Shower Template to learn a suite of tips on how to organize such a great day. 4 Kb

Conference Planning Template

Conference planning Template is purposed to facilitate the process of conference arranging. Conference planning is intricate activity and it is impossible to keep all required actions in mind, so the appropriate conference organizational Template can be used in order to facilitate and track process of planning. This conference planning Template includes various steps and actions which should be done to arrange conference properly. It can be easily and quickly altered, supplemented with details by user according to user's requirements. Financial management template for managers

conference planning template

Corporate Party Template

Before, during and after a flood, it’s important to know flood emergency actions that will help you restore your home to good order, protect your health and prevent further damages to your property. The flood action plan gives you some ideas to get flood protection, mitigate flood risks and contact flood emergency teams.

Corporate party template 6,5 Kb

Dating Template

 Dating is a great event when two persons initiate their relationships that may develop into family relationships in the future. Use the following Dating Template to learn how to be noticed and what you should do and not do during your first dating. 5 Kb

Diving Template

This Diving Template is created to guide all people who are going to the seashore to try their hands in scuba diving. This template will be helpful also to more experienced divers as it can guide them on essentials and gear they need to pack. 3 Kb

Fishing Template

This Fishing Template is created to support all beginner and experienced anglers who need some suggestions and ideas on essential fishing items, clothes and suppliers they need to pack in order to feel comfortable when fishing whether on the seashore, a lakeshore or on a river. Kb

Graduation Party Template

This Graduation Party Template will be useful whether for students and their parents in order of guiding them through the main tasks to be carried out when organizing festive events called to celebrate this important step in life of every student. With help of this template you will know what prearrangements and bookings are necessary. 5 Kb

Honeymoon Template

Honey Moon Template is a "to do list" template that includes all questions concerning the realization of your honeymoon trip. Use this Honeymoon template to foresee all details of your vacation beforehand in order you'll have a chance to enjoy every moment of it. Student Template 10.5 Kb

To Do List for Project Planning

Hunting Template

Hunting Template is a 'to do list' template that will help you to prepare everything necessary before going to hunting. Use this Hunting template to avoid forgetting any clothes or equipment required for a successful hunting. Hunting Template

To Do List for Hunting

Jewish Wedding Template

Jewish Wedding template is a 'to do list' for you to arrange everything that is required for real Jewish huppah. Use this Jewish Wedding template as a Template to get all required information about the traditions of huppah and prepare the most beautiful wedding. Jewish Wedding Template 6.8 Kb

Jewish Wedding Template

Last Minute Wedding Template

The last hours and minutes of your wedding party can be stressful and even wearisome if you haven’t planned for last minute wedding stuff. There are some tasks that should be accomplished in advance before the holiday begins. In the given Last Minute Wedding Template we tried to list all the tasks and activities required for organizing a wonderful wedding ceremony. 3 Kb

Maid of Honor Template

Maid of Honor Template is created to help unmarried girls who are invited to be Maids-of-Honor at the weddings of their friends. With a help of this template you can study the sense & importance of this role, along with essential duties to undertake before and during the wedding. 3 Kb

Marriage Proposal Template

This marriage proposal template will be helpful to every man who has made an important decision to make a marriage proposal to his future fiancée. As it is a very significant and exciting moment in a life of every couple, it is very important to organize this event in a best possible manner, so both of you can keep good memories for years. This marriage proposal template is a list of recommendations on how to make this event unforgettable. 3 Kb

Outdoor Party Template

This outdoor party template is created to support those who want to arrange a great outdoor party in the open air to gather friends, neighbors or family. No matter if you want to organize grand outdoor banquet dedicated to some important event of your life or you just want to celebrate good weather and meet friends on a small picnic – this outdoor party template will be helpful as far as it provides universally suitable tips and recommendations. 4 Kb

Party Planning Template

Party Planning template is a 'to do list' for you to get done all things regarding your future party. Use this Party Planning template as a Template to avoid forgetting any details that can prevent you and your guests to get pleasure from the party. Independence Day Template

To Do List for Small Business

Picnic Template

This picnic template will be really helpful to everyone who seeks for some picnic ideas, as it is full of useful items giving you a vision of how to plan and organize your outdoor party in order of making it fun and joyful. This picnic template explains a set of major picnic tips, outlines the most popular picnic recipes, and suggests some active or calm fun activities to make your day-off just unforgettable. 5 Kb

Prom Template

This Prom Template presents a list of tasks students and teachers can do to plan for a wonderful prom evening. The template includes a number of tips and suggestions for choosing the venue, setting up the prom committee, deciding on party theme and decorations, etc. 5 Kb

Seminar Planning Template

This Seminar planning template will be helpful to everyone who would like to know how a well-planned seminar can be organized. This all-round Seminar planning template works for any type of seminar disregarding of industry and purpose as it provides the most essential and universal seminar planning tips. 4 Kb

Wedding Photography Template

Wedding photography template is a 'to do list' for the groom and the bride to let their photographer know what wedding moments should be captured. Use this Wedding photography template as a Template to ensure that all moments of the happiest day are not forgotten and recorded. Wedding Photography Template

Wedding Photography Template

Wedding Planning Template

Wedding planning template is a ‘to do list’ for you to avoid wedding fuss. Use this template as a Template to organize the best wedding your relatives and friends have ever seen. Wedding Planning Templates

To Do List for Wedding Planning

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