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Small Business Checklist
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Small Business Checklist - To Do List for Small Business

To Do List for Small Business

Small Business template is a 'to do list' for you to put into practice your most outstanding ideas and make money on them. Use this Small Business StartUp template as a checklist to start your own small business.

You can download this template in VIP Organizer or VIP Team To Do List database format.

Download: 24Kb

1. Starting Business:

  • Make sure you know what it takes

    Why do you choose self-employment? Are you entrepreneurial person? What knowledge, skills and experience do you have for starting and running a business? Have you chosen the right small business for you?

  • Define your internal and external intent

    What is your goal? What is the main objective your business should accomplish in your life? How will your business benefit others? What is the problem your product or service will solve?

  • Check your business idea

    Does it satisfy or create a market need? Can you create a demand for your business? Who are your competitors? Can you provide a better quality service? Have you evaluated your chances for success?

2. Planning Business:

  • Write your business plan

    What should be included into business plan? Are there any business owners you can get advice from? What are the growth possibilities?

  • Create your financial plan

    What are common start-up expenses? Do you have enough money to survive for six months while your business gets off the ground? Do you need start-up funding? How can you raise money to start your business? Is it possible to get a bank loan, find an investor or receive grants?

  • Create your marketing plan

    Have you analyzed the market environment and done marketing research? Have you defined your customer? What is the unique benefit you offer? Have you priced your product competitively? Have you chosen distribution methods?

3. Making Business Legal:

  • Choose your business name

    Is it easily understood and pronounced? Did you make sure the name is available? Have you started your trademark search? Have you registered your trademark?

  • Choose your business structure

    Which business structure would you like to have: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability partnership, limited liability company? Do you plan to hire employees? Did you find an attorney who specializes in small businesses?

  • Get your business license

    Did you obtain a city and/or county business permit? Do you need professional licensing from your state? Did you determined the proper amount of sales tax you need to collect? Do you need any other permits, like a fire inspection, sign and seller's permit?

4. Locating Business:

  • Choose your office place

    Are there easily accessible phone and electrical outlets? Will your current desk or table fit in the location? Is lighting and ventilation adequate? What is the noise factor?

  • Equip your office

    Are your assets protected? Safety in Is your workplace safe? Is there adequate lighting, ventilation and space for you to easily access your inventory? Is your office climate-controlled? Will you need climate control? Will you need to construct special shelving or add other storage space?

  • Obtain vehicles for your office

    What vehicles do you need? How will your employees use vehicles while working? Have you obtained adequate insurance to protect yourself and your business against legal liabilities?

5. Hiring People:

  • Recruit your employees

    What will you pay your employees? What are the benefits for your employees? What are the rules for your employees?

  • Motivate your employees

    What do your employees want? Are you going to reward employees and recognize their achievements and contributions? How?

  • Discipline your employees

    Have you developed and set up discipline program? Are you ready to deal with employees' complaints? Do you document disciplinary actions?

6. Managing Business:

  • Manage your cash flow

    What are your major purchases and projects? How much do they cost? Have you analyzed your financial position?

  • Control your taxes

    What are your payroll tax obligations, federal income tax obligations, sales tax obligations, state tax obligations?

  • Create your wealth-building plan

    Have you taken inventory of your current assets, budget, and other arrangements? Have you set realistic goals? Do you plan investing outside the business, retirement, insurance, credit and borrowing, etc?

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